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Upgrade Your Birthday with Brownies
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August 26, 2017

Let’s set the scene. You’re at work, just trying to get through the day. Suddenly a notification pops up.

August Birthday Celebrations starts in 15 minutes.

You start to feel kinda excited, right? You know you’re going to get a small break from emails and there will be cake for everyone. So you head to the break room and realize Jason is in charge of cutting the cake.

Birthday Brownies

Jason is great. And talented at many things. But cake cutting isn’t one of them. He starts off with huge pieces full of frosting, and by the middle he realizes there’s no way what’s left is going to feed everyone, so he starts to give out slices that are barely thicker than printer paper.

It’s a disappointing disaster that happens to all of us. Every month, at least. But do you know how it could all be avoided?

Happy Birthday Brownies.

Ok, sure. We might be a little biased. And maybe our solution to 99% of daily struggles involve brownies, but hear us out because this one is actually legitimate.

Brownies come pre-portioned. Everyone gets exactly the same size treat, no matter who is in charge of handing them out. And they’re always delicious, rich, fudgy brownies. You don’t ever have to worry that you’ll get some kind of vanilla, fruit combo.

Brownies are also completely customizable to your mood. You get to pick your favorite flavor, if you want to add toppings and whether or not you’ll share with someone. Seriously, they’re the dessert for everyone.

Plus, if you want to customize the birthday box with your company's logo or a goofy photo of the birthday boy or girl, you can. We have custom birthday gifts ready to be printed with a picture of your choice and send to your office.


Birthday brownie delivery fresh to their door!

And not just in office birthday celebrations.!

Children’s birthdays where equal shares are necessary to prevent full-blown toddler meltdowns are made for brownie! Or bring them to birthday parties where the guest of honor hates the attention of the Happy Birthday song (why is it so long?) but still wants all the dessert.

Basically what we’re saying is we don’t know how cake was chosen over brownies for all birthday celebrations.

Plus, have you seen how incredible a brownie dessert spread can look? You can stack brownies high in an impressive tower or line them up in cute containers. You get to use bowls filled with any topping you like — sprinkles, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream — the list is endless. Guests will be blown away by how you decorate a quality brownie spread.

You really can’t lose when you pick brownies.

We’re not saying abandon cake altogether. We’re sure there’s still a time and place for it. We’re just saying brownies can take birthdays to a whole new level. An upgrade you deserve if you ask us. 

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