4 Summertime Fairytale Travel Tips

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By Eileen Spitalny, Fairytale Brownies Co-founder

Travel plans are being made and finalized at our place for the summer. 

Trying to stay a bit more homebound this summer as a fall trip to Italy is in the works because our daughter will be studying abroad. Everyone does love chocolate and we do ship worldwide so maybe Fairytale Brownies will be going overseas a bit later this year. With that said, let’s talk about my summertime travel tips.

1. Arrange Pet Boarding

My go-to travel tip is making sure all goes smoothly for you and your furry friends – that means Classic Fairytale gifts! This gifting can be done before or after your trip. I would say though we tend to do this at drop-off. Then maybe our dog and cat get a star by their name during their stay.

Eileen's cat

I always keep a stash of our 8-Sprite Gift Favor, Sprite Dozen, and Combo Morsel 24 or 30 in the garage freezer. (Now you know some of my favorite gifts.)

Any of these gifts are perfect to give when you are dropping off your cat or dog at sleep-away camp (using the word boarding is just not as warm and fuzzy). You want the staff to love your precious cargo and think fondly of you when you drop off Fido or Frankie in my case. The staff will be so thrilled for the extra thoughtfulness that comes in the classic brown box at drop off. Extra rubs are guaranteed for your pooch or gatito.

Bulk Treats

Just grab the gift box right out of the freezer. Our brownies take about an hour to thaw naturally.

FAIRYTALE TIP – Always keep your stash frozen if you can. All of our flavors like our Caramel Brownie or Raspberry White Chocolate Blondie Morsels will be perfect temp by the time the staff enjoys or if they sneak into the box right when you have exited out the door; they are also divine frozen! You know, like a frozen candy bar.

2 . Thank Your Host

Back to your trip. Say you are visiting family or friends for your summer travels; these best-selling assortments will be their favorite house guest thank-you gift ever. I travel carryon so there isn’t much room for gift boxes, but I order ahead on our website and have my yummy treats arrive a day or so after our departure from our relatives’ or friends’ place. It is so easy to pick a future ship date. And I get to personalize my gift message – Auntie Sharon, Uncle Larry & family, Thank you so much for the hospitality and new memories! We so appreciate you all. Enjoy & lots of love, Eileen & Family

And for them it is always a bigger box because my cousins and their kids are always stopping by.

thank you brownie gifts

3. Be a Prepared Host

FAIRYTALE TIP – If wanting visitors to come to you, whether for a summer glass of iced tea or have some time to catch up with friends and loved ones, share that you just got a delivery of Fairytale Brownies in Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, and some Fairytale Cookies too like Snickerdoodle and Toffee Chocolate Chip. Guaranteed to have some stop bys and visitors! Remember, keep your treats in the freezer until their arrival.

Cookies and brownies on a plate

4. Thank Your House Sitter

Back to your summer trip. Once back home, what to give the neighbor kids for bringing trash and recycling cans in and picking up your mail and newspapers? A Thank You Medley box for their house. Dad will like our big brownie size (there’s 3 of those). The remaining 19 pieces in this gift box are the Sprite snack-size and Morsel bite-size. Perfect for everyone else in the family as three sizes to choose from and in all our Fairytale family flavors. And it is gift-ready with our plaid gift band wrapping the box.

Gotta go – time to pick up Frankie from sleep away camp. Happy Summer to you and yours!

Eileen and her dog, Frankie

Sweeten Your Summer Plans

Whether sending thanks or hosting guests, Fairytale Treats are sure to delight.
Sweeten their summer with a scrumptious assortment of Belgian chocolate brownies!

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