Chocolate Chip Day: 3 Essential Treats to Celebrate

May 1, 2024 | Fairytale Family | 0 comments

There is no shortage of daily holidays each month, and May has a few of our favorites! Right in between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is… CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY!


Get ready for May 15th – National Chocolate Chip Day. Although there isn’t any kind of official proclamation declaring this day a national holiday, how could anyone deny a day devoted to chocolate? So, decide how you want to celebrate. Will you bake your own sweet treat filled with crunchy bits of chocolaty goodness or will you order one or more of the Belgian chocolate chip offerings from Fairytale Brownies?


In the early 20th century, brownies were invented and became popular as a portable chocolate dessert with nuts either added to the batter or sprinkled on top. Eventually, bakers experimented with other add-ons and favorites were born. A plain chocolate brownie is delicious on its own, but add dark chocolate chips? Well, there’s something about that extra crunch! A few of our customers seem to agree. Fairytale Brownies baked 1.45 million Chocolate Chip Brownies last year!


Although there’s conflicting historical information as to where the chocolate brownie originated – Boston or Chicago – word is that the first known recipe for the blondie brownie was published in 1896 by Fannie Farmer. Her blondies were dense and flavored with butterscotch. It wasn’t until many years later – 2012 that Fairytale Brownies introduced the Chocolate Chip Blondie to its menu. (Fairytale Brownies was founded in 1992.) The golden bar begins with fine cake flour, organic vanilla extract, pure creamery butter, and dark brown sugar, and is topped with handfuls of semi-sweet Belgian chocolate chips. The Chocolate Chip Blondie also is a popular Fairytale flavor – 194,999 sold in 2023.


What would the world be without the Chocolate Chip Cookie? Boring indeed!

Rumor has it that in 1937, longtime baker Ruth Wakefield was making cookies in her Massachusetts Toll House Inn when she either ran out of nuts and decided to use a semi-sweet chocolate bar in their place, or she ran out of baker’s chocolate and used a chopped up Nestle bar instead. Either way, the result was delicious and the idea of putting chocolate pieces – chips or chunks – in baked goods was born.

It’s estimated that 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten every year. Although half of those are homemade, Fairytale Brownies bakes 69,743 of those! Also offered with chocolate chips – Double Chocolate Cookies, cocoa batter sprinkled with Belgian chocolate chips; and Toffee Chocolate Chip, brown sugar batter blended with chewy toffee bits and Belgian chocolate chips

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