Are Brownies the Key to Success?

Oct 9, 2017 | Corporate Gifting | 0 comments

You’ve heard the carrot on a stick metaphor, right?

Tie a carrot to the end of a stick and hang it in front of a rabbit. The innocent bunny thinks the carrot is floating in one place, but secretly, whoever holds the stick moves the carrot a little further away any time the rabbit inches closer.

The idea is people work harder when you incentivize them with the one thing they want most.

It’s a fine metaphor, but really, how many people can relate to wanting a carrot so much that they chase after it for an infinite amount of time?

We’re going to guess zero people who read this blog. Do you know what’s a better example? Offering people delicious, indulgent fudge brownies when they do something spectacular at work.

belgian chocolate brownie gifts

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Vantage Mobility International, an incredible company that works to provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles to those who need them.

One particularly awesome program they run is called “Trade In, Trade Up.” Sophia, the team lead, was tasked with helping her sales team recruit more people to participate in the program by trading in their old vehicles. Obviously, the more access VMI has to vehicles, the more they can provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

It’s the whole point of their great business.

So what did Sophia do? She incentivized her team with a corporate gift from Fairytale Brownies.

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A genius decision if you ask us. She started handing out boxes of Fairytale Brownies to the team members who saw the most success in the “Trade In, Trade Up” program. She thought that at the very least, she would be able to say thank you to those who worked hard.

But the box of little brown squares proved to be more powerful than she imagined. According to her, “rewarding the sales team with brownies is a small investment for the returns” she’s seeing. Adding it “keeps the rebate program fresh in their minds” because when the Fairytale Brownie craving kicks in, there’s not much else anyone can think about.

Okay, we added that last part, but it can’t be far from the truth. The Fairytale Craving is real.

As much as we love seeing the stories roll in about families and friends sharing the gift of brownies with each other, we also love seeing programs like this work. We love seeing these stories of shared joy so much that we do whatever we can to make sending brownies as easy as possible for you.

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Seriously. Just send us a spreadsheet of names and addresses, and we can send thank you gifts to all your clients with no extra work on your part. Include dates on that spreadsheet, and we can schedule out gift deliveries for weeks or months in advance — perfect for a corporate birthday program.

These gifts can be customized with your full-color company logo, too. All the logo printing is done in-house and checked over by our lovely and talented printing specialist. That means we can create branded logo gifts really fast and then have a real human approve it for perfect printing quality.

Spreading joy doesn’t stop at the brownies. It can also include bringing success to you and your clients!

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