7 Easy Thanksgiving Brownie Dessert Ideas

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We know that Thanksgiving already has a lot of signature desserts. It’s hard to think about a Thanksgiving dinner that doesn’t end with apple or pumpkin pies.

And we get it. Traditions are important. But so is trying new things.

To help everyone who is also obsessed with brownies bring more of them to Thanksgiving dinner, we put together a list of seven easy thanksgiving dessert ideas to bring to this year’s Thanksgiving.

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1. Brownie Gifts

The easiest Thanksgiving dessert idea requires no baking at all, so we’ll start there.

Just send a big Thanksgiving gift of brownies to the one hosting you for Thanksgiving dinner to say, “Thank you for preparing a huge meal for me, have some brownies. But please save some for my dessert on Thursday.”

If you’re not sure where you’re going yet or have plans to eat at multiple Thanksgiving dinners (we’re jealous), you can ship a brownie box to yourself and bring it along as your contribution to the meal. Maybe some of the brownies will last until dinner!

Depending on who’s at the table, here’s what we recommend:

Get brownie mounds recipe

2. Brownie Mounds

Coconut fans, anyone? Making these brownie mounds is the best way to make sure you get a full brownie to yourself. Plus, it’s delicious and a super easy Thanksgiving dessert to make.

You can bake your own brownies for this recipe, but it’s a lot easier to get your favorite Fairytale Brownies in bulk. They’re fudgy, decadently rich, and baked with Belgian dark chocolate — and if anyone asks, we’ll let you say you made them yourself.

Just mix the ingredients and cool until it’s time to dig in!

get brownie cheesecake recipe

3. Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake

If this isn’t in your Thanksgiving dessert plans, you’re going to want to change that immediately. The mixture of smooth cheesecake and the rich Fairytale Brownies make this easy Thanksgiving dessert an unbeatable combo of flavors.

Bonus: it doesn’t require any baking as long as you order some Chocolate Chip Fairytale Brownies. It’s so easy, you’ll have a drool-worthy dessert ready for your unsuspecting guests with only a bit of prep time and four hours in the fridge to set. 

get pecan brownie with sweet potato casserole recipe

4. Pecan Brownies with Sweet Potato Casserole Topping

For all the brownie fans that love the combination of savory and sweet desserts, we bring you our take on a Thanksgiving staple — sweet potato casserole.

It’s rich, filled with texture, and definitely going to be one of your new favorite Thanksgiving dessert ideas. Just order a dozen Pecan Fairytale Brownies, follow this recipe for the sweet potato topping, and voila! You’re the new go-to person for desserts.

Get Cinnamon Cocoa Brownie Fritters recipe

5. Cinnamon Cocoa Brownie Fritters

This one might not quite count as an easy Thanksgiving dessert, but it’s delicious and so worth it if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious. Our Cinnamon Cocoa Brownies save you from that part of the baking, and you can get the butterscotch sauce from the store to save time there, too.

Warm, flavorful desserts that involve fragrant cinnamon, toasty pecans, and rich dark chocolate brownies are basically a requirement during the autumn season.

6. Vanilla Cream Brownie Pie

Fall means pie season, so you can’t go wrong with vanilla brownie pie!

Many cream pie recipes call for chocolate filling, but when you use an Original Brownie base, we think the vanilla cream is a better match. Brownies, especially Belgian dark chocolate ones like ours, are rich and decadent in flavor. That means they always pair well with vanilla cream’s light flavor and fluffy texture.

This Thanksgiving dessert doesn’t require any cooking – only prep time. It will need to refrigerate for at least 2 hours to properly set, but you can still throw it together the morning of your gathering and have it ready before dinner.

7. Caramel & Peanut Butter Brownies

If you’re looking to wow your Thanksgiving guests with a dessert they might not be familiar with, this mouthwatering combo of peanut butter, bacon banana crunch, caramel sauce, and, of course, fudgy caramel brownies is exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe it sounds like a wild combination of flavors, and maybe some folks are still wary about the idea of bacon as a dessert. But trust us – this incredible combination of flavors and textures is worth the time to prepare.

The full recipe from scratch takes time and multi-tasking, but it can still be an easy Thanksgiving dessert if you use store-bought caramel sauce and Fairytale Caramel Brownies.

Which Thanksgiving Dessert Will You Make?

If your hands are busy baking the rest of dinner, you deserve a break when it comes to dessert! And since we all deserve more brownies in our lives, any of these easy Thanksgiving dessert ideas will make this year a Thanksgiving to remember.

We know it’s hard to choose just one. Luckily Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to make them all.

Tag us in your Thanksgiving dessert spread on Facebook or Instagram. We’re excited to see how these turned out for you!

This blog was originally published on Nov 13, 2017. It has been updated with new Thanksgiving dessert ideas.

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