14 Unique and Creative Brownie Recipes

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With the blogosphere cranking out so many amazing recipes on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up.

Of course, you can skip the hassle of scouring the Internet for recipes by ordering fresh and delicious brownies from us.

However, if you also like to roll up your sleeves and get to work in the kitchen, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most creative and unusual brownie recipes out there!

From the unusual ones like black beans and zucchini to the creative ones that involve various types of candy or fruit, there’s sure to be something here you’ll enjoy giving a test run in the kitchen.

After all, everyone should get to enjoy the warm, gooey, indulgent bite of a rich chocolate brownie. Unusual brownie recipes like these let you bake at home despite any allergies or dietary restrictions you have. Gluten-free, dairy-free, butterless, low-fat… you name it, there’s a brownie recipe for it.

Other creative brownie recipes, like chili chocolate brownies or s’more brownies, let you have fun in the kitchen and enhance an already delicious dessert classic.

creative brownie recipes

Creative Brownie Recipes

Bake your brownies with just a little extra pizzazz! Whether it’s some kind of candy or fruit, these creative brownie recipes turn an already delicious baked good into a truly decadent dessert.

  1. Blackberry Cheesecake Swirl brownies – Kick your recipe up a level with warm, rich brownies swirled with tart blackberries and smooth cream cheese.
  2. Chili Chocolate Brownies – Gooey and decadent, these brownies have just the right amount of spicy bite to them!
  3. S’more Brownies – For fans of the classic s’more, this recipe features fudgy double chocolate brownies topped with crunchy, salty pretzels and gooey melted marshmallows.
  4. Praline Brownies – Top your favorite brownie recipe with indulgent praline icing and salted, toasted pecans. Delicious!
  5. Red Velvet Brownies – Fluffy, delicate red velvet cake, reimagined as a dense and fudgy brownie!
  6. Strawberries & Cream Brownies – Balance the fudgy richness of chocolate brownies with sweet, refreshing strawberries and cream.
  7. Mud Hen Brownies – Gooey marshmallows, crunchy nuts, toasty brown sugar meringue topping combined with rich, melty brownies.

Unique Brownie Recipes

Feeling adventurous? Need to replace specific ingredients for health or dietary reasons? Look no farther! The ingredients in these unique brownie recipes may sound odd, but the result is still delicious brownie bliss!

  1. Low Fat Zucchini Brownies – These brownies made with zucchinis, bananas, and applesauce turn out chocolaty, moist, and dense!
  2. Breakfast Brownies – The true breakfast of champions! These brownies contain chocolate, espresso, and bacon.
  3. Dairy-Free Brownies – All the fudgy, chocolaty goodness of brownies, without any dairy. You won’t be able to taste the difference!
  4. Zucchini Butterfinger brownies – This recipe results in the moist, dense texture of zucchini brownies with a perfect candy coating to finish it off!
  5. Black Bean Brownies – A delicious flourless brownie recipe that doesn’t taste like beans. It turns out incredibly rich, so enjoy with ice cream!
  6. Vegan Apple Brownies – No chocolate in this one, but it’s still a sweet cinnamon apple blondie brownie recipe that’s completely vegan!
  7. Avocado Brownies – Surprising and scrumptious! Slather with avocado buttercream frosting for best results.

Okay, now we’re hungry.

If you are too, you have options. Get to the grocery store and then get in the kitchen!

Or, if you don’t feel like cooking after all, order a brownie gift basket delivered fresh from our bakery. You can even unwrap the brownies and tell your guests that you baked them yourself. We won’t tell!

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