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4 Reasons To Always Keep Playing
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August 26, 2017

For the last 15 years, Fairytale Brownies has worked with our absolute favorite non-profit, KaBOOM! Our friends at KaBOOM! work tirelessly to bring the joy of play to every child across the country.

It’s obviously a mission close to our hearts because if it weren’t for a kindergarten playground, Fairytale Brownies would have never existed. We know. We hate thinking about it too.

Beyond being responsible for bringing the world the best brownies, playgrounds offer a place for creativity, physical activity and connection to thrive. Play isn’t just something you do at recess and forget about in your teens. It’s something that can benefit you forever.

Here are some of reasons we encourage play for everyone at Fairytale Brownies.  Maybe it will inspire you to bring more fun, active collaboration to your business.

Better Working Environment

During our busiest days, we have over 100 people working around the clock to build the the best food gifts possible, packed to the brim with gourmet treats. It’s a standard we set for ourselves because we love it, but it means we need a playful energy to keep balance.

We blast music, crack jokes with each other and make sure to have fun together. It brings more joy to our jobs and we like to think you can find a hint of that happiness in every brownie bite.  

The Importance of Play with KaBOOM!





Higher Efficiency

Do you know how to get more done? Have fun while you’re doing whatever the task is.

Seriously, it’s not just a cute internet cliché — it’s actual science. Everyone creates better ideas if they’re encouraged to play around and use their imagination.

How else do you think we could have come up with our bright new look? By breaking out of our shell and working with each other in a fun, playful environment we were able to create something unique and totally inspired.

Healthy Living

Life is all about balance. If you indulge in decadent brownies (which everyone should), it’s also important to get outside and be active.

Running is fine, and sure, weightlifting helps, but playing a game, interacting with people you like most and using your energy for something other than yelling in traffic is so much more enjoyable.

Building Stronger Bonds

Collaboration is the only way we can get premium ingredients baked into mouthwatering brownies that are then packed into high quality gift boxes and shipped across the world.

To make collaboration as effective as possible, we have to all get along. And what is the best way to get along? You guessed it. Have fun together!

That means building playgrounds together, bringing people joy with brownies together and remembering we have some of the best jobs in the world.

Play might not be the answer to every challenge your business faces, but it’s helped us in countless ways over the last 25 years. And if you need a kick start to your new, playful work culture, might we suggest a Crowd-Pleasing Giant Gift Box for your next office brownie party?

(Come on, you knew that was coming). 

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