Turn Bite-sized Brownies Into DIY Halloween Spider Party Giveaways

Looking for a party giveaway that also can be used as a decoration or table favor at your next Halloween get together?

silly brownie spidersHere's a simple DIY project that doesn't require any artistic talent... just some basic craft supplies, a few agile fingers and good eyesight.

Then, voila!

You have some adorable Silly Brownie Spiders to creep all over the place.






Here is what you will need:

silly brownie spiders, morsels

1 bulk package of Magic Morsel Fairytale Brownies (36), any flavor (we used Original). 

Black pipe cleaners

Googly eyes

Tiny pom-poms

Double-sided tape and regular tape


Step 1: To create the spider's legs, take 3 pipe cleaners, spread them like a star, and tape them to the back of the Magic Morsel package.

brownie, legs

Step 2: Hold the outer end of each pipe cleaner "leg" down with two fingers of one hand. Using your other hand, bend the rest of the pipe cleaner towards your fingers to create "knees." Repeat with each pipe cleaner.

bend, spider brownie

Step 3: You will notice that our spider only has six legs. We did that on purpose. The Magic Morsel is a bite-size brownie, so it doesn't need eight legs to get around. But, if you feel your spider needs to be a true arachnid, go ahead and add a fourth pipe cleaner.

magic morsel, brownie

Step 4: Glue a googly eye to a pom pom to create an eye. (You will need two for each spider!)

eyeball, brownie

Step 5: Cut a piece of double-sided tape and place it on the top of the Magic Morsel. Attach two eyeballs onto the double-sided tape.


Step 6: Place your Silly Brownie Spiders on desks, in goody bags, at place settings, in spider webs... brownie

... or even in your mouth! Happy Halloween!



Comments for Turn Bite-sized Brownies Into DIY Halloween Spider Party Giveaways

Name: Sandy Ylinen
Time: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

These are really cute, but spiders have 8 legs, not 6! If I make these, I will definitely have to add 2 more legs.

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