New Holiday Brownie Gifts for 2023

New Holiday Brownie Gifts for 2023

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we’re predicting it to be both gorgeous and delicious. Fairytale has redesigned four packaging lines, and our seasonal favorite Candy Cane Crunch Sprites are returning on September 1.

Take a look:

A Fall to Remember

Back to school, football, campfires, hayrides, apple picking. So many images come to mind when one thinks of fall.

This year, our new gift band delivers autumn joy with scattered falling leaves, pumpkins, pomegranates, squash, wheat, and berries set against a stunning navy and gold background.  Give a fall, harvest-themed gift box filled with Fairytale Treats to your favorite teachers, send fall wishes to customers or friends, or start a chocolaty dessert tradition for the Thanksgiving table.

Whether gifting the Fall or Thanksgiving holiday host, or sending treats in place of yourself, they’ll feel your sweet sentiment – and maybe even a cool autumn breeze when they open the box!

Holiday Enchantment Comes to Life

Our newly designed Happy Holidays collection captures the magic of a winter’s night sky in turquoise blue and metallic silver. Assorted snowflakes in shades of turquoise, purple, and white swirl through the winter sky.

Take your gifting to the next level with the Holiday Tower. The snow pattern is displayed in alternating boxes – sometimes drifting, sometimes swirling through the air – creating a cheery, chilly, and festive response from your recipient.

Order this beautiful new Holiday design on all our gift boxes, towers, tins, and wooden gifts. Need to add your full-color logo and send it to clients or associates? The Happy Holidays design is ready to accommodate on all gift options.

Merry Christmas to All

In classic Christmas colors of red, green, and gold, we’ve gone vintage with our new Merry Christmas design featuring retro-styled ornaments recalling the nostalgia of trimming the tree.

Designed to be the prettiest gift under the tree, you’ll stun recipients with the extravagant Christmas Tower filled with Fairytale Treats. When they untie the organza gift bag and see the alternating gold and red boxes with trees and retro ornaments, they will be impressed. Then they’ll be wowed when they see all the delicious treats inside each box.

As with the Happy Holidays design, Merry Christmas is also available as a custom gift option. Your recipients will delight in the treats, and with your logo front and center, they’ll remember your generosity.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Our new Celebration gift band collection is bursting with fireworks. What better way to light up any celebration?

Anniversaries, promotions, product launches, closing deals, big wins, small victories. This collection covers everything worth celebrating!

Year’s end is a great time to send a brownie gift, too, with this Celebration gift collection. Ring in the New Year and print your full-color logo on the band to send wishes for sweet success to clients and customers. Or add your favorite photo to the gift band and give family and friends a memento to remember a favorite moment from the year left behind.

Whatever the occasion, celebrate it with a gift of Belgian chocolate brownies in a gift box wrapped with a Celebration gift band.

A Sweet Return – Candy Cane Crunch Sprites.

Our customers can’t seem to get enough of this snack-size brownie wrapped in festive bright red film. With a rich, mint-infused base, delicate white chocolate icing, and red and white sugar crystals sprinkled on top, this seasonal brownie will set a holiday mood.

Introduced three years ago, our customers look forward to the seasonal holiday flavor.

“If you love peppermint, you’ll love these! The little crunch on top from the sugar is a nice touch.”

– Arae, review

The Candy Cane Crunch Sprites are available for a limited time in select gifts and bulk packaging.

Capture the Essence of the Season

Whether it’s a large gathering or intimate affair, keep fall and winter get-togethers cozy with Belgian chocolate gifts that include our seasonal Candy Cane Crunch Sprites.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

The holidays are sneaking up on us again! With all the talk of shortages and supply chain delays, it might be feeling like a more stressful season than usual.

But the holidays should always be a time of cheer, happiness, and spending time with loved onespreferably around a tasty feast and a brownie dessert.

To save you some time, we’re here to help you pick out instant wins for everyone on your list!

Who are you shopping for?

Personal Shopping

The season of tasty treats gets everyone’s taste buds watering. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with sweet, fresh-baked treats!

candy cane sprites
Christmas 3-Box Tower

For the Christmas lover: Candy Cane Crunch assortments

You know that friend who puts their Christmas decorations up halfway through November?

For the relatives, friends, and loved ones who can’t get enough of the season, treat them to our exclusive seasonal brownie: Candy Cane Crunch!

This scrumptious, refreshing brownie is infused with pure peppermint extract, drizzled in white chocolate, and topped with crunchy sugar crystals. It’s a taste of winter enchantment!

This year, Candy Cane Crunch is packed into some of our towers, including the Christmas 3-Box Tower. You can also find it tucked in an Assorted Sprite Dozen and an Assorted Sprite 24.

3 sizes of brownies
Christmas Half-Dozen

For the chocolate lover: Full-size Fairytale Brownies

We sell three sizes of brownies at Fairytale. Bite-size Morsels are good for a quick indulgence, and snack-size Sprites hit the spot after a meal.

But if your recipient wants true chocolate perfection, send our classic size: A 3” x 3”, center-cut Fairytale Brownie. These rich, dense Belgian chocolate squares come in 12 flavors and are decadence in every bite.

All that’s left is to choose how many to send! The Brownie Half-Dozen is a small-but-sweet size for one, while the Brownie Eighteen could feed a family. If you know your recipient doesn’t care for nuts, you’re in luck! We offer a Nut-free Brownie Dozen, too. 

Fairytale Cookies
Fairytale Blondies

For the treat lover: Assorted treat combo gifts

The rich flavor and fudgy texture of Fairytale Brownies are any chocolate lover’s dream come true. The truth is, our cookies and blondies are just as irresistible!

If you know your recipient likes vanilla-based treats just as much as Belgian chocolate brownies, send them a combo gift. Each one is brimming with a variety of treat types and flavors.

The Fairytale Sampler is a popular choice because it’s packed with variety. Or, for cookie lovers, send the Cookie & Brownie Combo

Treat your lucky recipient to every flavor we bake with the 26-piece Deluxe Brownie, Sprite & Cookie Combo. That’s rightit includes every single year-round flavor of brownie, cookie, and blondie!

your photo on a gift

For the sentimental: Photo gifts & keepsakes

Capture your favorite memories and share them with the ones you love most. With the personalization options we offer, you can make those memories even sweeter!

Simply upload an image from your phone or desktop, and we’ll print it on the photo gift of your choice. There are no set-up fees or minimum purchase limits!

Since we print personalized gifts in-house, you don’t have to worry about delays. In most cases, your gift will ship within a day or two.

For a truly elegant touch, pick out a Wooden Box or Silver Tin. After your recipient devours the treats, they can display the personalized box at their home or use it to store knick-knacks. 

Corporate Gifting

Gourmet, unique, and professional. Belgian chocolate brownies are the gift that will surprise and delight your professional network and help you win a reputation as the best gifter of the year!

Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower
your logo on the hang tag

For your best partners and clients: Custom holiday towers

Elegance, sophistication, and taste… literally!

Our stunning holiday towers are stacked high with gourmet brownies, cookies, and blondiesincluding our exclusive seasonal flavor, Candy Cane Crunch. Finished with a pristine white ribbon, they’re guaranteed to amaze and impress all your most valuable partners and clients.

Plus, personalize the gift tag so they remember who sent the gift. They truly are the peak of gourmet gifting!

If you’re sending gifts to an office, try the Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower. It includes 41 individually wrapped pieces so your recipient can share them with colleagues!

Custom label treats

For your holiday office party: Custom label treats

After a challenging and productive year, your team deserves a sweet reward. Surprise staff at this year’s holiday party with an irresistible party favor!

Even better, build team morale and company loyalty with your full-color logo or message printed right on the label. Customizable labels like these make it a truly unique and memorable moment.

Since we print custom labels in-house, you don’t have to worry about extensive delays slowing your planning. Typically, custom labels take only a week to print. All our treats freeze great, so they’re easy to store for the big day.

Custom Holiday Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo
Holiday Sprite 48

For your professional network: Custom holiday gifts

Make an impression! Brownies are always an instant hit whether to thank referrals, connect with old coworkers, or reach out to new prospects. 

Brand the gifts with your logo for added impact! Trust us. Brownies are a marketing strategy everyone is happy to indulge in.

For individuals, we recommend the Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo, which includes a variety of 10 individually wrapped cookies and brownies. Or, send enough for the whole office to share with a generous Sprite 48 containing 48 brownies in 12 delicious flavors!

Bulk Treats
Giant Holiday Treats

For the break room: Bulk or giant gifts

Your staff deserves a treat, too. Spread cheer around the office with a pick-me-up in the break room!

Individually wrapped Fairytale Treats are great for portion control and sharing. Best yet, they’re mess-free. No more crumbly cakes or melting, sticky ice cream!

For the best savings, you can buy treats in bulk. If you’re more interested in variety, check out our Giant Holiday Treats box, which includes brownies, cookies, and blondies in different flavors and sizes.

Don’t Forget! Shop and Ship Early

With shipping delays and supply chain shortages this year, the holiday season might look a little different. It may take a bit longer than usual for your gifts to arrive.

At Fairytale Brownies, we bake, wrap, and ship everything here in Arizona. We don’t expect to be affected much by overseas delays.

That said, shipping carriers could still get overloaded. To make sure your gift isn’t late, schedule it to arrive early so your lucky recipients can enjoy a brownie-filled Christmas morning!

How to Choose a Corporate Gift that Clients will Rave About

How to Choose a Corporate Gift that Clients will Rave About

When words aren’t enough, a gift can let your favorite clients and partners know how much you value them. Gifts build goodwill, strengthen relationships, and if you go the extra mile may even open up new opportunities for collaboration. 

That said, you should approach corporate gifting with care. A poorly chosen gift could hurt rather than help. Gifts should be chosen with a delicate balance of quality, purpose, and thoughtfulness. 

When implemented correctly, a corporate gifting strategy can bring incredible benefits to your professional opportunities. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the perfect corporate gift.

Specialize the Timing and Purpose

Whether you’re sending a gift for birthdays, holidays, referral rewards, or a simple thank you, cater the gift to the purpose for maximum effect.

What do we mean by that? If you’re sending a birthday gift, include a card or message that says “happy birthday!” alongside a birthday-themed gift. It seems like a simple concept, but some businesses find it easier to pick out one generic, plain gift that can be sent out for any occasion. 

A one-size-fits-all gift may be the easy route, but it also feels cold and impersonal. Catering the gift to the purpose adds personality and thoughtfulness.

Think about the delivery timing, too. Some vendors or gifting companies will let you order gifts ahead of time then schedule a specific date for the gift to arrive. We offer this free at Fairytale Brownies since we know how much timing can matter when sending gifts.

occasion packaging

Customize It

Gifts are a generous, thoughtful way to show your appreciationwithout expecting anything in return. That said, you want your clients and partners to know who was sweet enough to send a surprise.

When shopping around, ask the vendor if you can personalize the gift with a message or logo. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of the product so you can check the print quality.

If you need the gift quickly, don’t forget to ask about the turnaround time. We can offer same or next-day turnaround time at Fairytale Brownies since we do all our custom printing in-house. However, many vendors do their printing with a third party, which can add weeks to production time.

Fairytale Brownies offers several types of custom branded logo gifts. Put your full-color logo on the gift band, the gift tag, the brownie or cookie label, or the gift message card. We have you covered!

Custom logo gifts

Ensure Stunning Quality and Presentation

Gifts are a show of generosity and thoughtfulness. Clients shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. 

That said, the quality of your gift will still reflect on your business overall. If you send a cheap or poor-quality gift, it may actually damage your business relationships instead of strengthening them.

If you’re shopping online, product photos are specially staged to look stunning. It can be hard to tell if the gift will hold up in real life. Rather than risk disappointment, do a bit more research. Ask for virtuals or proofs, look up the vendor’s reviews, see if they offer samples, or purchase one for yourself first. 

High Quality packaging

Surprise the Whole Team

Take a moment to consider who will be receiving the gift. Some businesses only think about sending a gift to the leaders of a company. But have you considered sending something the entire team can enjoy?

A gift intended for all the employees can foster goodwill with the whole company. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your professional partnership, creating more excitement and creativity during collaborations.

Hint: try a food gift!

As an expert on food gifts, we know that this is where a goodie box excels. A generously sized box of individually wrapped treats lets everyone take a piece to enjoy. They’re easy to share, perfectly portioned, and don’t make a mess in the break room. Food gifts tend to include enough variety for everyone’s tastes, too.

And who could say no to treats? Our Giant Cookie & Sprite Combo includes 84 individually wrapped pieces in a variety of flavors. Send a box or two to your partner’s office and they’ll never forget your generosity!

brownie gifts for the office

Need Help Choosing a Gift?

Our gifting specialists are here to help! Get in touch today for gifting ideas and recommendations.

How to Be A Holiday Hero with Custom Business Gifts

How to Be A Holiday Hero with Custom Business Gifts

One of the most rewarding parts of Fairytale Brownies is getting to collaborate with businesses across the country to make fully customized corporate gifts. Professionals come to us in need of a professional yet personal gift that they can give to their clients, colleagues, and co-workers that is impressive and fun. And we’re always on board for making the office a bit more fun.

These are thoughtful people who don’t want to have to send another mug or lunch bag. They want to give a gift that makes an impression, filled with something the recipient would actually want. As we’re sure you know, it’s impossible not to want luxuriously decadent Belgian chocolate brownies!

If you’re looking for ways to become this year’s holiday hero, we put together a few reasons why a custom holiday business gift filled to the brim with brownies is the best gift ever.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Brownies invoke that heartfelt, home-baked feel of licking batter off the spoon in Mom’s kitchen. It’s a cozy comfort food with “happiness” and “love” as the main ingredients. If you want to send holiday business gifts to valued clients that speak from the heart, there’s no better way.

Brownies are also perfect for sharing — even with large groups! Each Fairytale Brownie is individually wrapped for freshness and portion control, so everyone can just pick their favorite flavor and enjoy. No need to worry about how many hands touched every single treat in the box before you got there.

Cozy comfort feel + easy sharing = Holiday cheer throughout the entire office.

It’s part of what the holiday season is all about — spreading joy and sharing brownies! Plus, since you can get a company logo or photo printed right on the brownie box lid, everyone will know exactly who sent the treats and appreciate your generosity.

Trust us, “the company that sent those really good brownies” is exactly the kind of reputation you want to have.

Give Thanks

As the year winds down, we start to recognize and celebrate the year’s accomplishments and all the people who made those accomplishments possible. What’s a sweeter way to say thank you for being part of our year than with premium, gourmet brownies hand-packed in a gorgeous corporate thank you gift box?

Customer loyalty is a powerful thing. After you go through the effort to attract brand new clients, it makes sense to keep them around. A unique and personalized holiday business gift of thanks reminds your professional associates that you care about them and appreciate all their hard work.

Besides, maybe they’ll send you a thank you gift of brownies in return. That’s the kind of never-ending brownie cycle that we all need in our lives.

Build Relationships for the Future

It’s never too late to start building a better relationship with your corporate connections! The holiday season of giving and warm wishes is a perfect chance to start fresh with new client-building practices.

For the corporate partners you work with, for the clients and contacts who send you referrals, and for the staff who work hard all year to make the business a success, they all deserve a treat of delicious brownies.

Sweeten the deal with new prospects or remind longstanding partners of the great perks of working with you. No matter the reason, brownies branded with your logo are always a guaranteed way to make them smile and improve their feelings toward you.

They’re going to be showered with different gifts all season long, but with a completely personalized holiday business gift, yours will stand out and be remembered long after the new year.

shop corporate holiday gifts

We Make it Easy for You!

From corporate thank you gifts for referrals to birthday presents for your valued employees, we have an entire line of branded corporate gifts to emblazon with your company logo.

We think holiday business gifting should be easy, so there are no surprises at checkout. All our custom gifts have NO minimums or set-up fees. We deliver worldwide and ship gifts for free to anywhere in the United States.

Got a big order coming up? As always, our customer service team is happy to help! Plus, we have volume discounts and incentives available to reward you for being such a generous gift-giver.

We want to make gift-giving as easy and fun as possible for you. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your Fairytale Brownies Experience perfect. And that’s a promise!