A Fairytale Brownies Bakery Tour

Nov 22, 2023 | Fairytale Family | 1 comment

Come take a walk through the Fairytale Brownies Bakery with us. You might even be able to smell the brownies baking from where you are!

The Retail Store

Upon entering the bakery, you’ll be greeted by two things – the smiling face of our friendly retail associate and the mouth-watering scent of rich chocolate brownies baking in the oven. Here, you can sample the day’s treat flavor while perusing the shelves of different gift options that Fairytale offers. Or our associate can help you find the perfect gift and help you choose your flavors if needed.

Want to see what the folks at Fairytale have been doing for the past 30+ years? Look around the store. We have memorabilia ranging from our first brownie cutter, to awards, to media mentions. You also can watch videos from Fairytale Brownies You Tube Channel and watch the bakers working through our large viewing windows.

But wait. This is a tour of the bakery – we’re going to take you INTO the kitchen.

The Kitchen

Put your hairnet on and become a #hairnethottie as we walk through the steps of baking delicious Fairytale Treats.

Since 1992, we’ve been baking in small, handcrafted batches with Belgian dark chocolate, real creamery butter, and fine cake flour. All the ingredients are measured and set out on tables near the mixers. Butter and chocolate are placed in melters while the rest of the ingredients are combined. The melted ingredients are then added, and the mixing continues.

Once completely mixed, the batter bowl is lifted and moved to the Flavor Topping station. Here, the batter is weighed, poured into trays, and topped off with whatever toppings the flavor’s recipe requires. Are they baking Chocolate Chip Brownies today? If so, chocolate chips are measured into bowls and carefully sprinkled all over the batter tray so that every brownie piece will have a crunchy bite.

Or is it Toffee Crunch today? Bakers will be extra careful to make sure each toffee piece is placed so that the toffee floats like a boat instead of sinking into the batter when the brownie is baked.

The brownie trays are placed in a rack and wheeled into the oven. The rack is then lifted and rotated until the brownies are done.

 Once cooled, the brownies are cut – either into full-size Brownies (3”x3”), snack size Sprites (3” x 1.5”), or bite-size Morsels (1.5” x 1.5”). All our treats are center cut.

Depending on the flavor, some brownies are then hand decorated with icing and are then wrapped and packed into gifts to be shipped to spread joy worldwide.

The Shipping Warehouse

When you enter the warehouse, you will see a buzz of activity.

Team members will be building gifts ensuring you receive the correct flavors and sizes. Because our brownies are preservative-free, we want them to stay as fresh as possible until they reach their destination. During the hot summer month, we ship the treats frozen, in insulated packaging and with reusable cold packs.

While gift building is taking place in one area, other team members might be shipping gifts. Fairytale ships worldwide and it seems people all over the world do love our brownies. We’ve shipped to Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Poland to name a few!

Our custom printing specialist is always busy printing logos and photos on our gift bands, tin lids, wooden box lids, and brownie and cookie labels. Each gift is checked to make sure the logos are smudge-free and clear. Knowing that Fairytale offers same and next day turnaround on custom orders under 50 gifts keeps him on his toes, too!

You’ve now completed your virtual tour. Whether you’ve ordered a gift for one person or 10,000, know that they were baked, packed, and shipped with care. Enjoy!

Send a fresh-baked gift from the Fairytale Bakery

You’ve seen the action behind the scenes, doesn’t it make you want to share that deliciousness? Check out our gifting options and spread some brownie love.

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