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The Power of Expert Baking
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October 9, 2017

We obsess over our premium ingredients, our expertly designed packaging and our hand packed best-selling gifts. They’re part of the entire Fairytale Experience that makes our gifts unforgettable.

But the truth is, the real magic happens in the baking process.

Each time we bake a Fairytale Treat we get to be equal parts creative and careful. There’s a lot of pressure to get every batch perfect, but it’s also a lot of fun to make something we know brings joy to people across the world. 

Baked with premium Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate


The tradition of high-quality baking started even before we were an official business. More than 25 years ago, we laid the foundation for our baking process as a group of friends in a catering kitchen trying dozens of recipes to figure out how to make the absolute best brownie.

It was such an exciting time in our history, but we were still taking it very seriously — we wanted everything to be exceptional.

And after all this time, we still haven’t compromised on what it takes to create our famous Fairytale Brownies. Although, we’re very lucky to have outgrown the group of friends in a test kitchen!  Now we rely on our expert baking team, with decades of experience, to follow the precise process that ensures our treats come out perfectly delicious.

All-natural ingredients and farm-fresh kosher dairyPremium dark chocolate batter, ready for baking!


Every brownie starts with exact measurements of quality ingredients. Each batch of batter must be identical in order to maintain taste and quality. We want every bite to taste the same for our loyal customers no matter what.

After the ingredients are melted and mixed, we spread the batter onto our pans and garnish with one of our delicious toppings, all by hand.

Yep — even the beautiful cream cheese and raspberry swirl designs are done by hand! Our bakers are methodical and artistic. It’s magic, we’re telling you!

All treats are baked from scratch in small batchesGourmet brownie gifts, ready for delivery!


Next, we throw them in the oven. Our ovens have been specially modified for baking brownies! While the treats bake, we have to carefully monitor each batch for temperature and humidity — not an easy thing to do in the Arizona desert!

And then the brownies are cooled, cut and individually wrapped for freshness.

It’s fascinating to see each part of the process work together seamlessly. Whether our bakers are a team of 10 or a few dozen during the busy holiday season, everyone dedicates themselves to maintaining quality standards in every Fairytale Treat.

The result? Our classic dozen of Fairytale Brownies, baked to perfection.

We’re proud of what they accomplish every day and we love that their hard work delivers joy to everyone who tries our brownies.   

Rich, fudgy brownies, ready to be devoured!

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