8 Captivating Employee Engagement Activities for the Office

8 Captivating Employee Engagement Activities for the Office

Employee engagement is more than just frivolous fun. It’s about recognizing your team and valuing them as people! When you treat your employees right, they’ll return the favor with creativity, inspired ideas, and higher quality work.

We’re people, not machines. Humans can’t churn out nonstop work for 8+ hours a day. We work to live–not the other way around! Overworking employees leads to burnout and mental checkouts, which only hurts a company in the long run. When an individual is mentally checked out, it’s only a matter of time before they leave for somewhere new. And turnover is expensive–not just in money, but also in the time it takes to train their replacement. 

The truth is, employee engagement activities for the office can boost employee morale and make your team more excited and motivated at work. Breaks for fun give us a chance to rest, recover, and be more productive when we return to our tasks.

Here are a few entertaining, inspiring, and exciting employee engagement activities and ideas you can establish in your office.

1. Prioritize Onboarding

Engaging your employees begins on day one. From the moment a new employee walks through the door, they should feel like part of the team!

Dedicate some time and effort to making new employees feel comfortable and welcome starting on their first day. Make sure they have everything they need to succeed. 

Ideas for their first day:

  • Give them a tour
  • Make introductions to everyone else on the team
  • Show them where to find instructions and documentation
  • Prepare a welcome package of company-branded SWAG (coffee mugs, pens, notebooks, treats)
  • Set them up with a mentor if necessary

2. Establish Recognition Programs

Your team works hard every day. They deserve to be celebrated!

Anniversary programs and office birthday parties are easy employee engagement activities that aren’t too hard on the budget. Recognizing work anniversaries is an excellent way to reward employee loyalty, and birthday celebrations show employees that you care about them as people.

Monthly recognition programs can be as simple as cards and small gifts. A few gift ideas include birthday brownies, a gift card, or movie tickets.

At Fairytale Brownies, we have recurring birthday gifting programs and anniversary gifting programs that make it incredibly easy to manage the logistics. Just send us a list of names and dates, and we’ll take care of the rest. No need to remember dates or deal with the hassle of purchasing one-off gifts!

You can celebrate your team during company milestones, too. Recognize everyone’s hard work after an impressive sales milestone or product launch with a party or outing for the entire company.

3. Check in Regularly

On a similar note, don’t forget to recognize your employees’ everyday efforts, too. 

Holding regular 1-on-1 meetings is the perfect time to connect with employees, listen to their anxieties, and offer encouraging feedback. Ask how they’re doing and if there are any exciting life events they want to share.

Keep these meetings informal, relaxed, and focused on them. This is not a time to go through a checklist of everything on their to-do list unless your employee specifically asks for task-related help or clarification. Think of it as an emotional check-in to ensure your team members have everything they need to be their best selves.

4. Make Time for Fun

We’re here to do a job, but who’s to say we can’t have a little fun, too?

During company events, play board games, party games, card games, or trivia competitions. At Fairytale Brownies, we’ve done casino night with various entertaining games of luck and skill. 

If you’re hosting your company event externally, try a venue with bowling, mini golf, laser tag, an arcade, or even karaoke! Playing, cooperating, and competing with our team members is a powerful way to build employee engagement.

Remote teams can play an online drawing game such as skribbl.io to connect with the team, laugh, and bond the difficulty of drawing with a mouse. Slack also offers some free game extensions, such as Wordsgame.

5. Start a Book Club

Any readers on the team? Organize and host a monthly book club! 

Book clubs are engaging on multiple levels. Not only do employees engage with their team members during the discussion, but they also engage with the book itself. This can spark new ideas and keep employees mentally fit as they share their perspectives and discuss or debate ideas with the team. 

As for book topics, feel free to mix them up. Non-fiction or industry-related books can be great for career development, but don’t be afraid to enjoy entertaining fiction books, too.

6. Create “Fun” Chat Channels 

Most modern IM systems let you create different chat channels to organize your discussions. But don’t limit yourself to only work-related conversations!

Create a fun, non-work chat. Employees can share photos of pets or what they cooked for lunch. Your employees are people, after all. Showing that you’re interested and care about employees’ lives outside of work is a genuine, heartfelt way to improve employee engagement in the office.

7. Throw Competitions

Competitions are an energizing employee engagement activity that can get everyone’s competitive spirit going. 

You can also hold a trivia contest, invite employees to caption a photo, dress up in a Halloween costume competition, or compete for the best-decorated cubicle. It can be as simple as filling a jar with candies and asking employees to guess how many are inside. The possibilities are endless!

At Fairytale Brownies, we’ve held competitions for decorating ornaments, frosting brownies, and more. 

Just don’t forget the most important part: the prize! A box of Belgian chocolate brownies is enough to inspire everyone to do their best.

8. Change the World Together

A common cause can bring people together like nothing else. Knowing that you and your team are making the world a sweeter place is a powerful way to bond and keep employees engaged!

Schedule a fundraising event or volunteer together. No matter where you live, plenty of nonprofits are always looking for help. 

At Fairytale Brownies, we love to volunteer with our friends at KABOOM! During a KABOOM playground build, volunteers work together to build an entire playground in a single day! With teamwork, anything is possible. 

We’ve sponsored two KABOOM playground builds in the past. In Spring 2023, we’re going to sponsor our 3rd playground build in honor of our 30th anniversary! Want to help? When you donate to KABOOM at checkout, we match every dollar.

Go Beyond Employee Engagement Activities

Employee happiness and engagement are goals worth striving for! Set up a budget or put together an employee-run social committee to organize your planned events.

That said, fun by itself isn’t enough to foster a caring, healthy work culture. In order to truly keep your employees motivated and excited to do their best, make sure to pair these employee engagement activities with competitive pay, PTO, and benefits.

When you prioritize your team as people over workers, they’ll return the favor. Happy employees make a happy company!

Treats to Treat the Team

Recognize employee milestones, supply the break room with snacks, or reward brownie prizes for office competitions. No matter the reason, gourmet, individually-wrapped brownies make the perfect gift!

How to Create a Dessert Charcuterie Board that Amazes Party Guests

How to Create a Dessert Charcuterie Board that Amazes Party Guests

The date is set, the entertainment is planned, the guests are invited… but what will you feed them?

A dessert charcuterie board has it all! These gorgeous displays don’t just look amazing. They also provide a variety of snacks and treats that guests can conveniently enjoy. 

Other than dicing up some of the treats, dessert charcuterie boards are easy to prepare. You don’t need to follow a recipe or cook something complicated unless you whip together a special dessert sauce. You can design them as simply or as elaborately as you wish.

With Father’s Day, graduation parties, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and any other summer celebrations, it’s the perfect time to test this out at your next party. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your refreshment table assortment!

Include a Mix of Flavors

Provide your guests with a variety of tastes so they can pick out a treat to match their cravings. Try to hit a variety of flavor profiles, like decadent, sweet, refreshing, and salty. This balances out the flavors on your board.

Decadent treats could include rich flavors like chocolate candies or bite-size Belgian chocolate brownies. For refreshing bites, go with fruit and berries. Sweet treats can include candies like jelly beans, gummies, and marshmallows. For salty, try adding in pretzels, nuts, or popcorn.

brownie dessert charcuterie board

Consider a Color Scheme

Is there a theme to the party you’re hosting? When you’re deciding on treats, consider picking the right colors to match!

For a 4th of July party, look for red, white, and blue treats. For example, your board could include strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows. 

Here are some colorful fruits and treats you could consider:

  • Red: Strawberries, raspberries
  • Orange: Cantaloupe
  • Yellow: Pineapple
  • Green: Grapes, honeydew
  • Blue: Blueberries
  • Purple: Grapes
  • White: Marshmallows, whipped cream
  • Black: Blackberries

Other than fruit, you can find candy in just about any color imaginable. Adding jelly beans or gummies to your board is a fantastic way to add new hues to your board.

cutting strawberries treats desserts

Dice Everything into Bite-Size Pieces

Charcuterie boards are all about options and convenience. Not only does the board provide a variety of fruits and treats to choose from, but it also makes it easy for guests to grab a quick snack and go.

Usually, hosts will provide toothpicks or skewers near the board. Guests can pick out a few treats without getting their fingers sticky. Of course, for this to work, the treats need to be bite-size and manageable with a toothpick. Your guests shouldn’t have to hunt down a knife to enjoy their snacks.

Make sure each treat on your board is diced small enough to stab and eat whole. You can also include some single-portion treats, such as cookies. These are easy to grab without touching other food items on the board, and unlike fruit, they won’t make a guest’s fingers sticky.

brownie fruit kebab dessert

Provide Tasty Dessert Dips

Along with treats and fruit, provide dessert sauces, dips, and frosting in small bowls nearby. Guests can dip their treats and enjoy unique flavor combinations!

Here are some recipes for our favorite frostings and sauces:

For some simpler options, you can also provide whipped cream, sprinkles, or melted chocolate.

Serve with Hot or Cold Beverages

No refreshment table is complete without something to drink. Alongside your charcuterie dessert board, set out some cups and drinks for your guests to enjoy.

Not sure what to offer? Think about the time of year! For a summer gathering, set out chilled lemonade, iced tea, or juice. During colder months, opt for a thermos of hot chocolate or tea.

bite sized brownie dippers

Don’t Forget Supplies

The food might be the most important part, but don’t forget the utensils your guests need to enjoy it! Provide toothpicks, skewers, or forks for guests to stab treats. You can also set out plates to let guests pile up on snacks before leaving the refreshment table to mingle. 

If you’ve decided to make a dessert sauce, create a small sign to label it. This can be as simple as a sticky note or a folded paper tent.

Do you have any guests with allergies or food restrictions? You can also label which treats contain peanuts or other common allergies or mark certain treats as gluten-free or sugar-free.

Need Treats for your Next Party?

Fairytale Brownies, Cookies, and Blondies are perfectly portioned and individually wrapped, making them the perfect delight to indulge your guests!

4 Engaging Easter Egg Filler Ideas for This Year’s Hunt

4 Engaging Easter Egg Filler Ideas for This Year’s Hunt

“Egg-citing Easter Egg Fillers” — it could have been the title of this blog, but it’s also a pun we’ve seen a hundred times already!

And that’s the problem sometimes, isn’t it? We’ve seen it before, so it’s lost a bit of its luster.

The same goes for the age-old tradition of an egg hunt. Candy is the go-to Easter egg filler. It’s always a safe option, because who isn’t excited to satisfy their sweet tooth?

But it’s also the prize we’ve all come to expect. Where’s the thrill of the unknown? Where’s the mystery and intrigue in opening a plastic egg when you know exactly what you’ll find inside?

An egg hunt is all about adventure — and the treasure you’ll find at the end. Instead of egg-citing, make this year’s hunt engaging with one of these unexpected Easter egg fillers!

Put brownies in eggs

1. Magic Morsels

Of course we have to start with a personal favorite.

The standard candy fillers may be predictable, but they’re also a go-to favorite. So what could you use instead that’s both sweet and surprising?

Bite-size brownies!

Magic Morsels are individually wrapped and perfectly sized to fit in a plastic egg. We didn’t do that on purpose, but who are we to complain when the stars align?

Best yet, they’re a hit with kids and adults both. If you have extras after stuffing your Easter eggs, set out a bowl on the snack table for everyone to enjoy.

Planning a party-sized egg hunt? You can order Magic Morsels in bulk!

2. Pocket Change

It may be nickels and dimes to you, but for small children, it feels like a fortune.

Empty your wallet or stop by the bank to pick up some rolls of coins to use as Easter egg fillers. Mix up the amount in each egg to add to the surprise. When you’re hiding the Easter eggs, stash high-value eggs in the trickiest places.

You can even turn the excitement into a learning opportunity, depending on the ages of your egg hunters. Challenge your kids to calculate the value of the coins they found during the hunt. If they do their math right, reward them with a prize!

Scavenger hunt

3. Scavenger Hunt Clues

Instead of searching for Easter eggs at random, have you ever tried turning the event into a treasure hunt?

Instead of treats, fill your eggs with clues. Have each clue point toward the next egg in the series. The clues could be a mix of puzzles like:

  • Riddles
  • Maps
  • Anagrams
  • Vague hints

Place a prize at the end of the treasure trail. This could be an Easter basket full of goodies, an Easter bunny, an Easter gift of Fairytale Brownies – anything!

Setting up clues takes a bit more time and effort on your part, but it’s also much more engaging and stimulating for participants. Who doesn’t love a good brain teaser?

easter toys

4. Redeemable Points for a Prize

Imagine each Easter egg is stuffed with a piece of paper. On each piece, there’s a number. After your kids have collected all the hidden eggs, they get to count their points and redeem them for a prize!

As an alternative to paper, you could also use beads or tokens to symbolize “points.”

The beauty in a prize board is the flexibility. Instead of being limited to items that fit inside a plastic egg, you can offer nearly anything you want. Kids will be thrilled about it too, since they get a voice in choosing their prize!

This is perfect as an Easter egg stuffer that isn’t candy. If you want to cut back on sugar, simply don’t include any candy on your prize board.

Take some time to brainstorm what your family would find most appealing. Do you have any family traditions? When the prizes involve family bonding, everyone wins!


Prize ideas:

  • Pick 1 item from the grocery store candy or snack aisle
  • One extra bedtime story
  • Skip one chore of choice
  • Choose the next movie for family movie night
  • Choose the next restaurant for takeout or eat-in
  • Order a dessert next time the family goes out to eat
  • Family activity of choice – bowling, arcade, mini-golf
  • Cash prize
easter hunt fun

What else?

There are hundreds of little toys, games, stickers, or trinkets you could use as non-candy Easter eggs. It only takes a Google search to find lists of unexpected surprises your egg hunters can find.

There’s excitement in the unknown. Don’t forget it!

So go forth and make this year’s egg hunt something to remember. Engaging, unexpected, exciting—something that will keep the kids grinning and curious. Whether it’s an unexpected treat or a memorable family bonding experience, the thrill will stay with your egg hunters for years to come.

Send a Taste of Easter Joy

Ready to delight your kids with an Easter they’ll never forget? Brighten their holiday with a scrumptious assortment of Belgian chocolate brownies!

What’s a Brownie? Fun Facts about this Mythical Creature!

What’s a Brownie? Fun Facts about this Mythical Creature!

Brownies? Those irresistibly delicious chocolate treats? 

Of course you’ve heard of them. They’re a popular American tradition and a classic delicious dessert!

What you might not know is that “brownie” has more than one meaning! Did you know there’s a mythical creature known as a brownie, too?

As part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we’re taking a minute to introduce a cousin of the leprechaun and another member of the Wee Folk of the British Isles – the brownie!

Brownie doing good deeds

What is a brownie?

A mythical creature and friendly household spirit from English and Scottish folklore, the brownie is said to be a short, small creature either dressed in rags or no clothes at all.

Brownies from Palmer Cox's book

These adorable illustrations are from The Brownies: Their Book by Palmer Cox. His works are in the public domain and you can read them online here!

“BROWNIES, like fairies and goblins, are imaginary little sprites, who are supposed to delight in harmless pranks and helpful deeds. They work and sport while weary households sleep, and never allow themselves to be seen by mortal eyes.”
Palmer Cox


What were brownies like?

Unlike some of the other Fae, these mythical brownies were not known to be malicious or mischievous. In fact, they lived in households and helped out with the chores! 

According to brownie mythology, they would come out at night to finish any incomplete tasks, such as churning milk, sweeping, folding clothes, or putting things back where they belonged. They were said to stay out of sight and live in unused parts of the house. 

To express their thanks, households were expected to give the brownie small gifts of food, such as porridge, honey, cream, or cake. If the family wanted the brownie to leave, they could simply give it a new pair of clothes. 

If a household abused, insulted, or mistreated their brownie, it might leave the house or become a more malicious Fae known as a boggard. Boggards, in contrast, had a sour disposition and would play tricks or cause trouble around the house instead of helping out.


Where did brownie mythology originate from?

Brownies are a type of Fae originating from the British Isles. Myths about these Fae, also known as the Little People or Wee Folk, date back thousands of years! Other types of Fae include pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, elves, and more.

Fairytale brownie Elf

What does a mythical brownie have to do with Fairytale Brownies?

You might have guessed this by now, but this mythical brownie is part of our namesake!

When David and Eileen were first brainstorming names for their new brownie company, they almost went with “My Mom’s Brownies.” But after tossing around a few more ideas, they were drawn to how “brownie” could refer to both the chocolate dessert and the helpful, mythical creature.

They wanted their brownie company to be a place that spread joy and smiles around the world. Just like a household brownie helps their family and performs good deeds in the night, David and Eileen wanted their chocolate brownies to bring happiness to families everywhere, too. 

To add to the brownie mythology, David and Eileen came up with a jingle to accompany their new mascot.

In the wee hours of night,

The Fairytale Brownie gleams with delight.

With his magic spoon in hand,

He creates the greatest brownies in all of Fairyland!

To this day, the mascot still doesn’t have a name. The Fairytale team lovingly refers to him as simply “the brownie guy!”

Wouldn’t it be nice to welcome a helpful brownie into your own household? There’s so much magic and enchantment in the world of the Fae, and the brownie is just one part of thousands of years of folklore. We hope you enjoyed learning about this helpful little creature!

Send some Brownie Joy!

Did all that talk of brownies get your appetite going? Say thanks to a helpful brownie in your life or send a smile to someone you miss!

[2021] Brownies by the Numbers!

[2021] Brownies by the Numbers!

Does the world revolve around brownies? Maybe we’re a bit biased, but sometimes we think that it should.

It was a delicious 2021 for Fairytale Brownies, full of baking and sweetness. As we look back on our year, we’re excited to share some of our findings!

treats by the numbers

Tons of Treats

In 2021, we baked approximately 7 million brownies!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that brownies were our most popular treat.  That figure includes all sizes: full-size Fairytale Brownies, snack-size Fairytale Sprites, and bite-size Magic Morsels. It really is a brownie world!

Blondies and Cookies deserve some love, too! Blondies were our second most popular treat at about 725,000 treats baked, while Fairytale Cookies trailed in last at just over 200,000. That’s a lot of baking!

We’re a brownie-first company, so it makes sense. Luckily, you don’t have to choose just one treat type when you explore our Combo Dessert Gifts. They include an assortment of brownies, blondies, and cookies so you can try it all!

all natural ingredients
brownie batter

Magic in the Baking

Our brownie magic starts with the batter.

We take an incredible amount of pride in the quality of our ingredients, and it’s a difference you can taste! Each batch of treats is lovingly handcrafted with farm-fresh eggs, fluffy cake flour, and pure cane sugar.

The type of chocolate matters a lot, too. We’re proud to bake with Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate, which gives our brownies that rich, decadent flavor. 

In 2021, we baked with:

  • 116,000 pounds of eggs
  • 220,000 pounds of sugar
  • 144,000 pounds of butter
  • 85,000 pounds of flour
  • 66,000 pounds of Belgian chocolate

Add it all up, and that’s 631,000 pounds of core ingredients in a year.

Sound like a lot? It is! For context, an empty Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet weighs 412,300 pounds!

world wide shipping

Worldwide Brownie Love

We’re always striving to make the world a sweeter place, and that means sending brownie love everywhere we can. Our brownies have traveled the world, from our neighbors in Arizona to the top of Mount Everest.

In 2021, we shipped brownies to all 50 states in the U.S.  All in all, we sent brownies to 58 different countries!

Brownies gifts for every occasion

Special for Every Moment

Brownies are a sweet, thoughtful gift from the heart. We ship for free to anywhere in the U.S., making our treat boxes the perfect gift for loved ones who live far away.

So what is the most popular reason for sending a gift?

For year-round gifting, our Thank You gifts category was the most popular. Happy Birthday gifts came close in second!

But gifting during the holiday season takes the cake (or brownie, as it were). Out of all of 2021, almost 50% of all gifts were shipped in December.

Sweet for Every Moment

Want to be part of the brownie magic? We offer free shipping within the U.S. to make every birthday, holiday, and special occasion sweet!

5 New Year Resolution Ideas to Make the World a Sweeter Place

5 New Year Resolution Ideas to Make the World a Sweeter Place

Fresh start, fresh beginnings! The new year is brimming with opportunities, and the world is your brownie. All that you need to do is commit to making your goals a reality.

The mental shift from one year to the next is the perfect time to start new habits and make a change for the better in your life. 

We’re familiar with the usual resolutions: get organized, save money, quit smoking, go to the gym more often. Each one is a fantastic goal for bettering your life, health, and happiness.

But what about resolutions that go beyond ourselves and put good into the world as a whole?

We’re not limited to just one or two resolutions. Add on one or two of these, and let’s make the world a sweeter place!

thank you brownie gifts

Show More Gratitude

Practice showing your appreciation. It can be as simple as being sure to say “thank you” and say it from the heart! 

Tell someone how much it means to you when they go above and beyond for you. Send a hand-written note or surprise them with a thank you gift in the mail.

Showing gratitude doesn’t just have to be in exchange for a favor. Remind your loved ones that you value and appreciate them all the time!


Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

With talk of climate change and pollution weighing more heavily by the year, you may feel hopeless and helpless about the future. But even small steps, when taken together, will add up to make a difference.

Check your local government’s recycling program and read through their rules. Different facilities accept different types of plastic, some accept glass, and some accept metal. Following your local recycling rules helps their facility run more efficiently.

Other small tips to make a habit:

  • Bring metal utensils with your work lunch rather than using disposable plastic.
  • Don’t turn the faucet to full blast while washing your hands, cleaning pots, or brushing your teeth. Most of the time, half blast or less will do just fine!
  • Skip the drinking straw when you eat out at a restaurant.
  • Switch to a reusable K-cup or standard filter and grounds for your daily coffee.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room. Unplug your phone when it’s finished charging.
join a charity

Support Charities Dear to You

Charities matter. They make the world a sweeter place, and this year, you can resolve to be part of that!

Volunteering your time adds something new and different to your usual schedule. You’ll build new memories, pick up new skills, and meet new people.

And best yet, you’re giving back and making a difference to those in need.

Science suggests that giving to charities or helping others is positively linked to life satisfaction and happiness. This article lists a few different studies on the topic.

Here at Fairytale Brownies, we’re so proud of our non-profit partner, KABOOM!, and all the amazing work they do. Read more about our partnership and how you can help!

learn something new

Learn Something New

It’s never too late to learn something new. Engaging your brain is just as important as exercising your body!

Ever wanted to learn a language? Save money by changing your car’s oil yourself? Cook a tasty new meal? Frost gorgeous flowers on a cake?

Challenge yourself to learn something new this year. Make it an exciting adventure to share with your kids, friends, or significant other. Then put that knowledge back into the world by sharing with others or helping those you care about!

Free or low-cost places to learn:

  • YouTube
  • Library classes
  • Friends, family, and mentors
  • Online courses like Udemy or Coursera
  • Community college
  • For learning another language, Duolingo

Practice Meditation

The last two years have been hard on all of us. With persistent stress surrounding us every day over an extended period of time, it gets harder to control our emotions and find contentment in daily life.

Without a healthy way to de-stress, all that pressure only builds! You may find it hard to keep your calm in unfortunate situations or while interacting with other people.  Meditation can help us all stay in control of our minds and emotions, so we don’t let stress take over our voices and actions.

Meditation is actually backed by science as a way to improve attention span, reduce anxiety, improve compassion, help treat addiction, decrease blood pressure, and more!

Don’t worry about doing meditation the “right” way because there is no single right way. At it’s core, all you need to do is find a quiet place to relax. Close your eyes and let your thoughts wind down. This is time for you. Count your breaths or take in the sounds of the environment around you. 

What’s Your Resolution?

How are you resolving to make the world a sweeter place? Share your goals for the year and your action plan — we’d love to hear about it!

Expert Gift Wrapping Tips to Make your Christmas Presents Shine

Expert Gift Wrapping Tips to Make your Christmas Presents Shine

We deliver each order of Fairytale Brownies in a gorgeous, gift-ready band, so there’s no need to wrap them again. But for any other gifts you plan on sending to friends and family this year, you’ll need to do a bit of wrapping!

Don’t be intimidated by the process. With just a few gift wrapping tips, your Christmas presents can look stunning and professional under the tree.

Let’s roll up our creative sleeves and get started!

wrapping paper

Pick your Paper with Care

When you’re picking out paper, you’ll want to keep a few gift wrapping tips in mind.

Contrary to what some people say, the thickest paper isn’t always the best. Not only is thick paper more expensive, but it’s also harder to fold into clean, crisp lines.

Thin paper might be the best on a budget, but it also tears very easily. You might find yourself rewrapping or double wrapping gifts just to hold them together.

Just like Goldilocks learned in the fairy tale, we recommend something “just right” in the middle!

Find a few medium-weight wrapping papers in a matching color scheme. And while glitter on your paper may be pretty and festive, beware–glitter and tape don’t get along!

wrapping station

Prepare your Wrapping Station

Your gift-wrapping adventure will go much faster and easier when you get everything you need in one place. Otherwise you might find yourself on a wrapping roll only to realize the ribbon is still packed away.

Remember to grab a fun pen or marker, too, so you can fill out the gift tag right away. Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll remember who this is for” while wrapping, or you might end up tearing open your hard work to remember what’s inside!

Gift-wrapping essentials:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape or double-sided tape
  • Gift tags
  • Pen or marker
  • Boxes and gift bags in a variety of sizes
  • Ribbons, bows, and other embellishments
double sided tape

Try a Double-Sided Tape

Any tape will do while wrapping. But if you want your gifts to look extra snazzy, one gift wrapping tip is to opt for a double-sided tape!

Taping the inside of the folds is an easy way to make each gift look professionally wrapped. Quality clear tape isn’t too noticeable either, but double-sided is the only way to make your tape work virtually invisible.

add some embelishment

Add Some Embellishment

Once everything is wrapped, the last gift wrapping tip we have for you is to give it a special touch! 

Embellishments like ribbons, candy canes, and bells add texture and excitement to your gift. Adornments add extra time and cost, but they are absolutely stunning and a sure way to make an impression. 

Ribbons and Bows

The traditional approach is tried and true for a reason. Cut the ends of your fabric ribbons at a 45-degree angle to keep them from fraying.

Crepe Paper

A few brightly-colored rolls of crepe paper can give your gift a unique look and feel. It can’t be tied in a bow like a ribbon, but it makes a gorgeous belt or grid to wrap around your presents. Have fun with it!


Once your ribbon is in place, tuck something special into place beneath it. This could be anything from a sprig of festive greenery to a set of tiny bells. You can even slip beads onto the ends of a thin ribbon then tie them into place.

Candy Canes

If the gift is for a kid, add a fun, festive look by decorating it with candy canes or other small treats. You can either tape them on or secure them with ribbon.

family wrapping together

Have Fun!

Christmas presents only come once a year, and wrapping them doesn’t have to be a hassle. Make this an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and have fun.

Get your kids involved, too. Teach them gift wrapping tips early on and make memories along the way. It’s the season of giving, which extends to more than just giving gifts!

No time to wrap? Send brownies!

Browse a selection of gorgeous, gift-ready brownie deliveries themed in stunning Christmas and holiday patterns.

26 Thoughtful Notes to Write in a Christmas or Holiday Card

26 Thoughtful Notes to Write in a Christmas or Holiday Card

Sending out annual Christmas or holiday cards is a tradition that brings us all together. For the distant friends and family you can’t always see in person, an old-fashioned card in the mail is a warm and thoughtful way to stay in touch.

But the hectic holiday season is already packed with shopping, holiday crowds, and seasonal events in addition to the usual work and school responsibilities. Taking the time to write out your Christmas cards can sound overwhelming!

We’re here to help. For thoughtful and personal greetings for everyone on your list, we’ve gathered the best notes to write in your Christmas and holiday cards!

Merry Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Messages

We are so thankful and grateful to have you in our lives. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

It feels strange to spend this Christmas apart, but I’m glad to have you close in my heart. Warm wishes and all my love!

  • May the spirit of Christmas bless you and your family.
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with magic and wonder!
  • We are so blessed to have friends like you. May all your Christmas dreams come true!
  • Have a holly, jolly Christmas and a happy new year! 
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas and a joyous new year.
  • Merry Christmas! May your season sparkle with all the joys and warmth of the season.
Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings

Sending all our love and best wishes! Have a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

The true gift of the season is your friendship. Love you lots and can’t wait to hang out again!

  • Best wishes for a warm and joyous holiday season!
  • Wishing you and yours a holiday season of peace, joy, and laughter.
  • Happy holidays! We miss you and can’t wait to be together again.
  • We hope you’re enjoying the season of tasty treats and cozy sweater weather.
Happy Hanukkah Card

Happy Hanukkah Wishes

Wishing you a bright and joyous Festival of Lights!

Happy Hanukkah! May the season shine bright on you and your family.

  • We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Sending love and happiness your way this Hanukkah!
  • May your Hanukkah be filled with light, happiness, and the miracle of love.
  • Have a happy Hanukkah filled with love, laughter, and latkes!
holiday cards for clients

Holiday Wishes for Business Clients, Partners, and Staff 

Words can’t express how grateful we are to work with you. Happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!

Thank you for all your dedication and commitment. You’re a valuable part of the team and we couldn’t do it without you!

  • One of the best parts of our business is people like you!
  • Thank you for your continued business. Your support means the world to us!
  • Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous new year!
  • We are so grateful to have a talented, supportive, and generous partner like you. Happy holidays!
  • Wishing you all the best this holiday season. May your new year be filled with prosperity and growth!
free message cards

Tips to Make Your Message Personal

You don’t need to write a unique message for every recipient—but you can still make it personal! To add a more heartfelt touch, start with a general message then finish up with a line tailored to your recipient.

Here are some topic ideas to mention in your Christmas or holiday card:

  • Combine messages, mix and match the pieces you like best, or swap out “happy holidays” for “Merry Christmas” where you need it
  • Congratulate your recipient on recent life events such as a marriage, new family member, or job change
  • Make future plans to meet up or invite the recipient to visit
  • Mention a favorite memory from the year or past holidays
  • Thank the recipient for a gift that they sent

Send Season’s Eatings... With Brownies!

Surprise your lucky recipients with a treat alongside your holiday greetings! Every gift from Fairytale Brownies includes a personalized message card.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

The holidays are sneaking up on us again! With all the talk of shortages and supply chain delays, it might be feeling like a more stressful season than usual.

But the holidays should always be a time of cheer, happiness, and spending time with loved onespreferably around a tasty feast and a brownie dessert.

To save you some time, we’re here to help you pick out instant wins for everyone on your list!

Who are you shopping for?

Personal Shopping

The season of tasty treats gets everyone’s taste buds watering. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with sweet, fresh-baked treats!

candy cane sprites
Christmas 3-Box Tower

For the Christmas lover: Candy Cane Crunch assortments

You know that friend who puts their Christmas decorations up halfway through November?

For the relatives, friends, and loved ones who can’t get enough of the season, treat them to our exclusive seasonal brownie: Candy Cane Crunch!

This scrumptious, refreshing brownie is infused with pure peppermint extract, drizzled in white chocolate, and topped with crunchy sugar crystals. It’s a taste of winter enchantment!

This year, Candy Cane Crunch is packed into some of our towers, including the Christmas 3-Box Tower. You can also find it tucked in an Assorted Sprite Dozen and an Assorted Sprite 24.

3 sizes of brownies
Christmas Half-Dozen

For the chocolate lover: Full-size Fairytale Brownies

We sell three sizes of brownies at Fairytale. Bite-size Morsels are good for a quick indulgence, and snack-size Sprites hit the spot after a meal.

But if your recipient wants true chocolate perfection, send our classic size: A 3” x 3”, center-cut Fairytale Brownie. These rich, dense Belgian chocolate squares come in 12 flavors and are decadence in every bite.

All that’s left is to choose how many to send! The Brownie Half-Dozen is a small-but-sweet size for one, while the Brownie Eighteen could feed a family. If you know your recipient doesn’t care for nuts, you’re in luck! We offer a Nut-free Brownie Dozen, too. 

Fairytale Cookies
Fairytale Blondies

For the treat lover: Assorted treat combo gifts

The rich flavor and fudgy texture of Fairytale Brownies are any chocolate lover’s dream come true. The truth is, our cookies and blondies are just as irresistible!

If you know your recipient likes vanilla-based treats just as much as Belgian chocolate brownies, send them a combo gift. Each one is brimming with a variety of treat types and flavors.

The Fairytale Sampler is a popular choice because it’s packed with variety. Or, for cookie lovers, send the Cookie & Brownie Combo

Treat your lucky recipient to every flavor we bake with the 26-piece Deluxe Brownie, Sprite & Cookie Combo. That’s rightit includes every single year-round flavor of brownie, cookie, and blondie!

your photo on a gift

For the sentimental: Photo gifts & keepsakes

Capture your favorite memories and share them with the ones you love most. With the personalization options we offer, you can make those memories even sweeter!

Simply upload an image from your phone or desktop, and we’ll print it on the photo gift of your choice. There are no set-up fees or minimum purchase limits!

Since we print personalized gifts in-house, you don’t have to worry about delays. In most cases, your gift will ship within a day or two.

For a truly elegant touch, pick out a Wooden Box or Silver Tin. After your recipient devours the treats, they can display the personalized box at their home or use it to store knick-knacks. 

Corporate Gifting

Gourmet, unique, and professional. Belgian chocolate brownies are the gift that will surprise and delight your professional network and help you win a reputation as the best gifter of the year!

Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower
your logo on the hang tag

For your best partners and clients: Custom holiday towers

Elegance, sophistication, and taste… literally!

Our stunning holiday towers are stacked high with gourmet brownies, cookies, and blondiesincluding our exclusive seasonal flavor, Candy Cane Crunch. Finished with a pristine white ribbon, they’re guaranteed to amaze and impress all your most valuable partners and clients.

Plus, personalize the gift tag so they remember who sent the gift. They truly are the peak of gourmet gifting!

If you’re sending gifts to an office, try the Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower. It includes 41 individually wrapped pieces so your recipient can share them with colleagues!

Custom label treats

For your holiday office party: Custom label treats

After a challenging and productive year, your team deserves a sweet reward. Surprise staff at this year’s holiday party with an irresistible party favor!

Even better, build team morale and company loyalty with your full-color logo or message printed right on the label. Customizable labels like these make it a truly unique and memorable moment.

Since we print custom labels in-house, you don’t have to worry about extensive delays slowing your planning. Typically, custom labels take only a week to print. All our treats freeze great, so they’re easy to store for the big day.

Custom Holiday Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo
Holiday Sprite 48

For your professional network: Custom holiday gifts

Make an impression! Brownies are always an instant hit whether to thank referrals, connect with old coworkers, or reach out to new prospects. 

Brand the gifts with your logo for added impact! Trust us. Brownies are a marketing strategy everyone is happy to indulge in.

For individuals, we recommend the Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo, which includes a variety of 10 individually wrapped cookies and brownies. Or, send enough for the whole office to share with a generous Sprite 48 containing 48 brownies in 12 delicious flavors!

Bulk Treats
Giant Holiday Treats

For the break room: Bulk or giant gifts

Your staff deserves a treat, too. Spread cheer around the office with a pick-me-up in the break room!

Individually wrapped Fairytale Treats are great for portion control and sharing. Best yet, they’re mess-free. No more crumbly cakes or melting, sticky ice cream!

For the best savings, you can buy treats in bulk. If you’re more interested in variety, check out our Giant Holiday Treats box, which includes brownies, cookies, and blondies in different flavors and sizes.

Don’t Forget! Shop and Ship Early

With shipping delays and supply chain shortages this year, the holiday season might look a little different. It may take a bit longer than usual for your gifts to arrive.

At Fairytale Brownies, we bake, wrap, and ship everything here in Arizona. We don’t expect to be affected much by overseas delays.

That said, shipping carriers could still get overloaded. To make sure your gift isn’t late, schedule it to arrive early so your lucky recipients can enjoy a brownie-filled Christmas morning!

How to Choose a Corporate Gift that Clients will Rave About

How to Choose a Corporate Gift that Clients will Rave About

When words aren’t enough, a gift can let your favorite clients and partners know how much you value them. Gifts build goodwill, strengthen relationships, and if you go the extra mile may even open up new opportunities for collaboration. 

That said, you should approach corporate gifting with care. A poorly chosen gift could hurt rather than help. Gifts should be chosen with a delicate balance of quality, purpose, and thoughtfulness. 

When implemented correctly, a corporate gifting strategy can bring incredible benefits to your professional opportunities. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the perfect corporate gift.

Specialize the Timing and Purpose

Whether you’re sending a gift for birthdays, holidays, referral rewards, or a simple thank you, cater the gift to the purpose for maximum effect.

What do we mean by that? If you’re sending a birthday gift, include a card or message that says “happy birthday!” alongside a birthday-themed gift. It seems like a simple concept, but some businesses find it easier to pick out one generic, plain gift that can be sent out for any occasion. 

A one-size-fits-all gift may be the easy route, but it also feels cold and impersonal. Catering the gift to the purpose adds personality and thoughtfulness.

Think about the delivery timing, too. Some vendors or gifting companies will let you order gifts ahead of time then schedule a specific date for the gift to arrive. We offer this free at Fairytale Brownies since we know how much timing can matter when sending gifts.

occasion packaging

Customize It

Gifts are a generous, thoughtful way to show your appreciationwithout expecting anything in return. That said, you want your clients and partners to know who was sweet enough to send a surprise.

When shopping around, ask the vendor if you can personalize the gift with a message or logo. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of the product so you can check the print quality.

If you need the gift quickly, don’t forget to ask about the turnaround time. We can offer same or next-day turnaround time at Fairytale Brownies since we do all our custom printing in-house. However, many vendors do their printing with a third party, which can add weeks to production time.

Fairytale Brownies offers several types of custom branded logo gifts. Put your full-color logo on the gift band, the gift tag, the brownie or cookie label, or the gift message card. We have you covered!

Custom logo gifts

Ensure Stunning Quality and Presentation

Gifts are a show of generosity and thoughtfulness. Clients shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. 

That said, the quality of your gift will still reflect on your business overall. If you send a cheap or poor-quality gift, it may actually damage your business relationships instead of strengthening them.

If you’re shopping online, product photos are specially staged to look stunning. It can be hard to tell if the gift will hold up in real life. Rather than risk disappointment, do a bit more research. Ask for virtuals or proofs, look up the vendor’s reviews, see if they offer samples, or purchase one for yourself first. 

High Quality packaging

Surprise the Whole Team

Take a moment to consider who will be receiving the gift. Some businesses only think about sending a gift to the leaders of a company. But have you considered sending something the entire team can enjoy?

A gift intended for all the employees can foster goodwill with the whole company. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your professional partnership, creating more excitement and creativity during collaborations.

Hint: try a food gift!

As an expert on food gifts, we know that this is where a goodie box excels. A generously sized box of individually wrapped treats lets everyone take a piece to enjoy. They’re easy to share, perfectly portioned, and don’t make a mess in the break room. Food gifts tend to include enough variety for everyone’s tastes, too.

And who could say no to treats? Our Giant Cookie & Sprite Combo includes 84 individually wrapped pieces in a variety of flavors. Send a box or two to your partner’s office and they’ll never forget your generosity!

brownie gifts for the office

Need Help Choosing a Gift?

Our gifting specialists are here to help! Get in touch today for gifting ideas and recommendations.