World Chocolate Day or World Happiness Day?

World Chocolate Day or World Happiness Day?

World Chocolate Day is July 7. Fairytale Brownies Co-founder, Eileen Spitalny, shares why she equates World Chocolate Day with happiness.

Well, for the past 32 years with my kindergarten friend, David, we have been operating Fairytale Brownies. So fun to bring joy to others in the form of a chocolate square individually wrapped in a yummy variety of flavors. In fact, since we began baking this family recipe as a business in 1992 our original six brownie flavors have grown into 12, with an addition of four flavors of blondies and six cookie varieties. Oh yes, we also bake sugar-free for our sugarless and keto friends, and beginning Sept. 1 we will have two gluten-free brownie flavors, too! We want to ensure everyone has the joy of savoring a fudgy rich yummy mouthfeel Fairytale Brownie in whatever style and size they’re looking for.

Brownies by the numbers

The best is the first moment you watch someone sample our brownies and the ooohs and aaahs that ensue followed by a big smile on their faces. So, to me, World Chocolate Day means World Happiness Day.

My Childhood Chocolate Memories

Growing up, David and I were eating brownies at his house right out of the oven and yes with a glass of milk. His mom, aka the owner of the original Fairytale recipe, was always there to greet us with some sort of after-school treat or snack; her brownies were my favorite. At my house, chocolate took the form of ice cream. For celebratory occasions, my parents would take me to the nearest ice cream parlor for a treat of my choice. My go-to flavors were/are chocolate, chocolate mint, or chocolate chip. Always a very happy me enjoying those ice cream forays and after-school hang outs. And sleepovers at my friend Alison’s house, when I was older, meant chocolate chip pancakes. No need to wait for the day to evolve, just start the day off with chocolate. Hot chocolate and chocolate chip pancakes, our morning go-to at her house.

A Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Tour

Fast forward to having my own kid. When my daughter was around 10, we went on a chocolate trip of a lifetime with another family. Our friend, who is Belgian, guided us through the country where she grew up and the origin spot of the 100% dark baking chocolate we use at the Fairytale Bakery. I secured a tour for us at the mothership of chocolate – Callebaut world headquarters in Wieze, Belgium. We visited the place where our chocolate is roasted, conched, and processed before it comes to America to be created and baked into a Fairytale Brownie. Such an adventure full of chocolate happiness that day was!!

Callebaut is a family name and they actually first were a brewery. This photo of the Callebaut sign I took in a pub while visiting is an old marketing sign for Callebaut beer but that all changed around 1911 when a Callebaut grandson began creating chocolate and couverture with much success. Then in the 1960’s global chocolate growth began…

The home you see to the right in the photo with the flags was a Callebaut family home and now houses offices for Callebaut staff. We were not allowed to take photos inside the production areas but it was truly jaw-dropping and amazing. We watched the production from the end process back to the beginning. The beginning is the messiest with rooms full of cacao beans in burlap bags and this facility is one squeaky clean chocolate factory, hence the opposite direction of our tour. Starting with the end meant seeing robot arms wrapping pallets and liquid chocolate being filled into large tankers for European deliveries for truffle and chocolate making. More happiness being created into many a chocolate form.

 In all the photos you see, everyone is smiling because as I said chocolate is happiness! I brought with me logo-branded Fairytale gifts as a thank-you for our tour guide at the factory.

And I brought some for their head chocolate maker and chef.  My daughter and friend were full of happiness after visiting a Belgian chocolaterie. See those smiles!

Happy World Chocolate Day – Happy World Happiness Day!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Send some happiness in the form of Belgian chocolate brownies.

4 Summertime Fairytale Travel Tips

4 Summertime Fairytale Travel Tips

By Eileen Spitalny, Fairytale Brownies Co-founder

Travel plans are being made and finalized at our place for the summer. 

Trying to stay a bit more homebound this summer as a fall trip to Italy is in the works because our daughter will be studying abroad. Everyone does love chocolate and we do ship worldwide so maybe Fairytale Brownies will be going overseas a bit later this year. With that said, let’s talk about my summertime travel tips.

1. Arrange Pet Boarding

My go-to travel tip is making sure all goes smoothly for you and your furry friends – that means Classic Fairytale gifts! This gifting can be done before or after your trip. I would say though we tend to do this at drop-off. Then maybe our dog and cat get a star by their name during their stay.

Eileen's cat

I always keep a stash of our 8-Sprite Gift Favor, Sprite Dozen, and Combo Morsel 24 or 30 in the garage freezer. (Now you know some of my favorite gifts.)

Any of these gifts are perfect to give when you are dropping off your cat or dog at sleep-away camp (using the word boarding is just not as warm and fuzzy). You want the staff to love your precious cargo and think fondly of you when you drop off Fido or Frankie in my case. The staff will be so thrilled for the extra thoughtfulness that comes in the classic brown box at drop off. Extra rubs are guaranteed for your pooch or gatito.

Bulk Treats

Just grab the gift box right out of the freezer. Our brownies take about an hour to thaw naturally.

FAIRYTALE TIP – Always keep your stash frozen if you can. All of our flavors like our Caramel Brownie or Raspberry White Chocolate Blondie Morsels will be perfect temp by the time the staff enjoys or if they sneak into the box right when you have exited out the door; they are also divine frozen! You know, like a frozen candy bar.

2 . Thank Your Host

Back to your trip. Say you are visiting family or friends for your summer travels; these best-selling assortments will be their favorite house guest thank-you gift ever. I travel carryon so there isn’t much room for gift boxes, but I order ahead on our website and have my yummy treats arrive a day or so after our departure from our relatives’ or friends’ place. It is so easy to pick a future ship date. And I get to personalize my gift message – Auntie Sharon, Uncle Larry & family, Thank you so much for the hospitality and new memories! We so appreciate you all. Enjoy & lots of love, Eileen & Family

And for them it is always a bigger box because my cousins and their kids are always stopping by.

thank you brownie gifts

3. Be a Prepared Host

FAIRYTALE TIP – If wanting visitors to come to you, whether for a summer glass of iced tea or have some time to catch up with friends and loved ones, share that you just got a delivery of Fairytale Brownies in Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, and some Fairytale Cookies too like Snickerdoodle and Toffee Chocolate Chip. Guaranteed to have some stop bys and visitors! Remember, keep your treats in the freezer until their arrival.

Cookies and brownies on a plate

4. Thank Your House Sitter

Back to your summer trip. Once back home, what to give the neighbor kids for bringing trash and recycling cans in and picking up your mail and newspapers? A Thank You Medley box for their house. Dad will like our big brownie size (there’s 3 of those). The remaining 19 pieces in this gift box are the Sprite snack-size and Morsel bite-size. Perfect for everyone else in the family as three sizes to choose from and in all our Fairytale family flavors. And it is gift-ready with our plaid gift band wrapping the box.

Gotta go – time to pick up Frankie from sleep away camp. Happy Summer to you and yours!

Eileen and her dog, Frankie

Sweeten Your Summer Plans

Whether sending thanks or hosting guests, Fairytale Treats are sure to delight.
Sweeten their summer with a scrumptious assortment of Belgian chocolate brownies!
Chocolate Chip Day: 3 Essential Treats to Celebrate

Chocolate Chip Day: 3 Essential Treats to Celebrate

There is no shortage of daily holidays each month, and May has a few of our favorites! Right in between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is… CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY!


Get ready for May 15th – National Chocolate Chip Day. Although there isn’t any kind of official proclamation declaring this day a national holiday, how could anyone deny a day devoted to chocolate? So, decide how you want to celebrate. Will you bake your own sweet treat filled with crunchy bits of chocolaty goodness or will you order one or more of the Belgian chocolate chip offerings from Fairytale Brownies?


In the early 20th century, brownies were invented and became popular as a portable chocolate dessert with nuts either added to the batter or sprinkled on top. Eventually, bakers experimented with other add-ons and favorites were born. A plain chocolate brownie is delicious on its own, but add dark chocolate chips? Well, there’s something about that extra crunch! A few of our customers seem to agree. Fairytale Brownies baked 1.45 million Chocolate Chip Brownies last year!


Although there’s conflicting historical information as to where the chocolate brownie originated – Boston or Chicago – word is that the first known recipe for the blondie brownie was published in 1896 by Fannie Farmer. Her blondies were dense and flavored with butterscotch. It wasn’t until many years later – 2012 that Fairytale Brownies introduced the Chocolate Chip Blondie to its menu. (Fairytale Brownies was founded in 1992.) The golden bar begins with fine cake flour, organic vanilla extract, pure creamery butter, and dark brown sugar, and is topped with handfuls of semi-sweet Belgian chocolate chips. The Chocolate Chip Blondie also is a popular Fairytale flavor – 194,999 sold in 2023.


What would the world be without the Chocolate Chip Cookie? Boring indeed!

Rumor has it that in 1937, longtime baker Ruth Wakefield was making cookies in her Massachusetts Toll House Inn when she either ran out of nuts and decided to use a semi-sweet chocolate bar in their place, or she ran out of baker’s chocolate and used a chopped up Nestle bar instead. Either way, the result was delicious and the idea of putting chocolate pieces – chips or chunks – in baked goods was born.

It’s estimated that 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten every year. Although half of those are homemade, Fairytale Brownies bakes 69,743 of those! Also offered with chocolate chips – Double Chocolate Cookies, cocoa batter sprinkled with Belgian chocolate chips; and Toffee Chocolate Chip, brown sugar batter blended with chewy toffee bits and Belgian chocolate chips

Don't Settle for Average

The average American eats about 300 cookies per year, according to statistics quoted by Cravory Cookies.

Order now to help reach your yearly quota.

Wedding Planning Timeline: When to Start Thinking About Gift Favors

Wedding Planning Timeline: When to Start Thinking About Gift Favors

Memorable weddings are the result of meticulous planning and careful preparation. One often overlooked and last-minute aspect of wedding planning is the selection of memorable souvenirs and favors. These tokens of gratitude serve as tangible elements that etch the wedding experience even more beautifully and thoroughly in the guests’ minds. Read on to get an idea of the wedding planning timeline and for tips that will help you plan the wedding souvenirs and favors.

Planning and Prep Stages

In the months and days before the wedding, every plan you make and every decision you take will bring you closer to the wedding of your dreams. A timeline will provide you with direction, structure, and organization amidst the whirlwind of wedding prep chaos. Although the timeline will need adjustments to suit your specific needs and circumstances, this is what a general planning and prep timeline looks like:

wedding favors

Early Planning (12-18 months before the wedding)

You’re probably newly engaged at this stage. It’s time to celebrate before you get on with the preparatory work. The first task that awaits you at this point is setting the budget. The budget will affect your decisions and vice versa may also be true at times. Once you have a budget, prepare a guest list with your partner. Then comes the all-important debate of wedding date vs. venue.

In an ideal situation, you’ll be able to land your dream venue on your chosen date. But this is really difficult, so your best bet is to start early. In many cases, couples have to choose between a beloved date and a perfect venue. Decide what’s more important to you: to hold the wedding on a favorite date at an available venue or to secure the ideal venue on any date. Other factors that may also come into play here are the wedding theme, the level of formality desired, and of course the budget. After you’ve finalized the wedding date and venue, you might want to hire a wedding planner or start researching and booking vendors yourself.

Suit with white rose
Wedding dress

Mid-Planning (9-12 months before)

It’s time to send out the save-the-date cards to all those who are on your guest list. You should also start shopping for your wedding attire, and plan the ceremony and reception details. Finalize your contracts with the key vendors. Also, start looking for potential destinations and plans for your honeymoon. You could, at this point, also browse wedding invitation designs.

Souvenir and Favor Planning (6-9 months before)

Souvenirs and favors are tokens of appreciation given to guests for joining the wedding celebration. Favors are small gifts that you can think of as practical tokens of appreciation. For favors, you can choose between practical items such as keychains or candles and edible treats such as chocolates, cookies, or brownies.
Souvenirs, on the other hand, are sentimental keepsakes, often more substantial. Ideally, souvenirs should be personalized and meaningful. Prepare items such as picture frames or custom-made glassware for souvenirs. So do you have to choose between souvenirs and favors? The best option would be to combine practicality and sentimental value and provide your guests with both, souvenirs and favors. A box of Fairytale Brownies would make scrumptious favors.

Your Fairytale Wedding

Later Stages (4-6 months before)

By now, you’re probably starting to feel the excitement and rush a bit more. You’ll be dealing with some very important tasks in this period. One of your significant tasks is to purchase the wedding rings. Also, schedule your dress fittings, and decide on bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire. Plan the rehearsal dinner and finalize the wedding menu as well as the cake design if you’re going to have one. The trend this year is leaning toward dessert tables featuring an assortment of bite-sized treats such as brownies instead of traditional wedding cakes. Place Fairytale Brownies on your table and see how your guests relish them!

Final Touches (2-4 months before)

Send out your wedding invitations and enjoy the buzz of anticipation the invites generate. Apply for your marriage license and write down your wedding vows. This is also a good time to create a wedding day timeline. Confirm RSVPs, and finalize guest count as well as the seating chart.

Wedding venue seating

The Wedding Month

It’s the final lap! Finally, after months of preparation, it’s THE month and your wedding is merely days away. Attend your final dress fittings, and go for hair and makeup trials. With your wedding planner, and if possible, your photographer in tow, go for a final walk-through of the venue; discuss the wedding timeline with the staff and confirm the decor.

During the last week before your wedding, pick up your wedding attire and break into your wedding shoes. Also, practice your wedding vows and delegate tasks to your wedding party. After this stage, let your trusted squad take over the tasks while you relax and prepare mentally for the most special moments of your life.

Idyllic Wedding Venue


With adherence to a wedding planning timeline, you can craft an experience for your guests that they will remember for a lifetime. And with the wedding favors and souvenirs, you’ll give them something tangible to cherish and make the experience sweeter. Whenever you get exhausted with the wedding preparation tasks, how about taking a break and sharing a box of brownies with your partner?

Create a memorable wedding with Fairytale Brownies treats

Perfect for table favors, thank-you gifts, souvenirs, and reception desserts – include Fairytale Treats in all your wedding festivities.

Oscar-worthy Brownies: And the award goes to…

Oscar-worthy Brownies: And the award goes to…

While we all wait to hear who will win the coveted Academy Awards on March 10, let’s take a look at a few awards inspired by our own star-worthy Fairytale Treats.

Best Vacation Inspiration Brownies

Best Vacation Inspiration

The Fairytale Sprite has it all: good looks, impeccable taste, and fun personality. Whether sitting by the pool or cruising the high seas, the snack-size Sprite is the perfect-size brownie when one craves something sweet. Hmm, 12 flavor choices? That means one flavor for each day of vacation!

Best No nut assortment

Best Dessert in a No-Nut Role

Walnuts, pecans, and almonds sit out for this gig! Instead, our No-Nut Morsel 24 includes plenty of Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Original, and Cream Cheese Magic Morsels (bite-size brownies). Select a gift band to celebrate an occasion and your recipient will be delighted.

Best Imitation of Another Confection Brownies

Best Imitation of Another Confection

Some people love candy corn. Others? Not so much. We made the Fairytale Original Brownie look like the famous Halloween treat and fans loved it. You can easily recreate it, too. Just cut Original flavor brownies into triangles and dip the bottom into melted yellow chocolate, then dip the tip of the triangle into melted white chocolate.  Voila!

Best Offer Inspired by a Movie

“Star Wars” doesn’t need an introduction. On May 4th the Fairytale Bakery promoted a one-day offer on individual treats and gifts: Buy 3, “May the 4th” be Free! Customers had to come into the store to redeem the offer.

Best Use of Cookies in a Starring Role

We don’t need no stinking salads… Fairytale Cookies are better.

Sugar Free Brownies

Best Sugar-free Direction

Why does sugar get to have all of the accolades? Our Sugar-free Magic Morsels in Original and Walnut flavors are baked with maltitol and receive rave reviews.

GREAT tasting sugar free brownies! I’ve been a diabetic for quite a few years and have tried almost every sugar free candy and dessert there is. I have to say these brownies are the best I’ve ever tasted. They are delicious and taste better than some sugar brownies I’ve had. I would highly recommend buying these. You won’t be disappointed.

 ***** Brandy, from Il.

Most Delicious Love Story

She’s in love and telling the world! Fairytale Brownies Chocolate Chip Brownies are so delicious, we’re telling the world as well. Try them and decide for yourself.

Create your own "Best" with Fairytale Brownies treats

  Whether celebrating a special occasion or just a great day to be alive, Fairytale Treats are always red-carpet ready in custom-designed packaging.  Send the best gift and spread some brownie love.

A Fairytale Brownies Bakery Tour

A Fairytale Brownies Bakery Tour

Come take a walk through the Fairytale Brownies Bakery with us. You might even be able to smell the brownies baking from where you are!

The Retail Store

Upon entering the bakery, you’ll be greeted by two things – the smiling face of our friendly retail associate and the mouth-watering scent of rich chocolate brownies baking in the oven. Here, you can sample the day’s treat flavor while perusing the shelves of different gift options that Fairytale offers. Or our associate can help you find the perfect gift and help you choose your flavors if needed.

Want to see what the folks at Fairytale have been doing for the past 30+ years? Look around the store. We have memorabilia ranging from our first brownie cutter, to awards, to media mentions. You also can watch videos from Fairytale Brownies You Tube Channel and watch the bakers working through our large viewing windows.

But wait. This is a tour of the bakery – we’re going to take you INTO the kitchen.

The Kitchen

Put your hairnet on and become a #hairnethottie as we walk through the steps of baking delicious Fairytale Treats.

Since 1992, we’ve been baking in small, handcrafted batches with Belgian dark chocolate, real creamery butter, and fine cake flour. All the ingredients are measured and set out on tables near the mixers. Butter and chocolate are placed in melters while the rest of the ingredients are combined. The melted ingredients are then added, and the mixing continues.

Once completely mixed, the batter bowl is lifted and moved to the Flavor Topping station. Here, the batter is weighed, poured into trays, and topped off with whatever toppings the flavor’s recipe requires. Are they baking Chocolate Chip Brownies today? If so, chocolate chips are measured into bowls and carefully sprinkled all over the batter tray so that every brownie piece will have a crunchy bite.

Or is it Toffee Crunch today? Bakers will be extra careful to make sure each toffee piece is placed so that the toffee floats like a boat instead of sinking into the batter when the brownie is baked.

The brownie trays are placed in a rack and wheeled into the oven. The rack is then lifted and rotated until the brownies are done.

 Once cooled, the brownies are cut – either into full-size Brownies (3”x3”), snack size Sprites (3” x 1.5”), or bite-size Morsels (1.5” x 1.5”). All our treats are center cut.

Depending on the flavor, some brownies are then hand decorated with icing and are then wrapped and packed into gifts to be shipped to spread joy worldwide.

The Shipping Warehouse

When you enter the warehouse, you will see a buzz of activity.

Team members will be building gifts ensuring you receive the correct flavors and sizes. Because our brownies are preservative-free, we want them to stay as fresh as possible until they reach their destination. During the hot summer month, we ship the treats frozen, in insulated packaging and with reusable cold packs.

While gift building is taking place in one area, other team members might be shipping gifts. Fairytale ships worldwide and it seems people all over the world do love our brownies. We’ve shipped to Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Poland to name a few!

Our custom printing specialist is always busy printing logos and photos on our gift bands, tin lids, wooden box lids, and brownie and cookie labels. Each gift is checked to make sure the logos are smudge-free and clear. Knowing that Fairytale offers same and next day turnaround on custom orders under 50 gifts keeps him on his toes, too!

You’ve now completed your virtual tour. Whether you’ve ordered a gift for one person or 10,000, know that they were baked, packed, and shipped with care. Enjoy!

Send a fresh-baked gift from the Fairytale Bakery

You’ve seen the action behind the scenes, doesn’t it make you want to share that deliciousness? Check out our gifting options and spread some brownie love.

New Holiday Brownie Gifts for 2023

New Holiday Brownie Gifts for 2023

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we’re predicting it to be both gorgeous and delicious. Fairytale has redesigned four packaging lines, and our seasonal favorite Candy Cane Crunch Sprites are returning on September 1.

Take a look:

A Fall to Remember

Back to school, football, campfires, hayrides, apple picking. So many images come to mind when one thinks of fall.

This year, our new gift band delivers autumn joy with scattered falling leaves, pumpkins, pomegranates, squash, wheat, and berries set against a stunning navy and gold background.  Give a fall, harvest-themed gift box filled with Fairytale Treats to your favorite teachers, send fall wishes to customers or friends, or start a chocolaty dessert tradition for the Thanksgiving table.

Whether gifting the Fall or Thanksgiving holiday host, or sending treats in place of yourself, they’ll feel your sweet sentiment – and maybe even a cool autumn breeze when they open the box!

Holiday Enchantment Comes to Life

Our newly designed Happy Holidays collection captures the magic of a winter’s night sky in turquoise blue and metallic silver. Assorted snowflakes in shades of turquoise, purple, and white swirl through the winter sky.

Take your gifting to the next level with the Holiday Tower. The snow pattern is displayed in alternating boxes – sometimes drifting, sometimes swirling through the air – creating a cheery, chilly, and festive response from your recipient.

Order this beautiful new Holiday design on all our gift boxes, towers, tins, and wooden gifts. Need to add your full-color logo and send it to clients or associates? The Happy Holidays design is ready to accommodate on all gift options.

Merry Christmas to All

In classic Christmas colors of red, green, and gold, we’ve gone vintage with our new Merry Christmas design featuring retro-styled ornaments recalling the nostalgia of trimming the tree.

Designed to be the prettiest gift under the tree, you’ll stun recipients with the extravagant Christmas Tower filled with Fairytale Treats. When they untie the organza gift bag and see the alternating gold and red boxes with trees and retro ornaments, they will be impressed. Then they’ll be wowed when they see all the delicious treats inside each box.

As with the Happy Holidays design, Merry Christmas is also available as a custom gift option. Your recipients will delight in the treats, and with your logo front and center, they’ll remember your generosity.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Our new Celebration gift band collection is bursting with fireworks. What better way to light up any celebration?

Anniversaries, promotions, product launches, closing deals, big wins, small victories. This collection covers everything worth celebrating!

Year’s end is a great time to send a brownie gift, too, with this Celebration gift collection. Ring in the New Year and print your full-color logo on the band to send wishes for sweet success to clients and customers. Or add your favorite photo to the gift band and give family and friends a memento to remember a favorite moment from the year left behind.

Whatever the occasion, celebrate it with a gift of Belgian chocolate brownies in a gift box wrapped with a Celebration gift band.

A Sweet Return – Candy Cane Crunch Sprites.

Our customers can’t seem to get enough of this snack-size brownie wrapped in festive bright red film. With a rich, mint-infused base, delicate white chocolate icing, and red and white sugar crystals sprinkled on top, this seasonal brownie will set a holiday mood.

Introduced three years ago, our customers look forward to the seasonal holiday flavor.

“If you love peppermint, you’ll love these! The little crunch on top from the sugar is a nice touch.”

– Arae, review

The Candy Cane Crunch Sprites are available for a limited time in select gifts and bulk packaging.

Capture the Essence of the Season

Whether it’s a large gathering or intimate affair, keep fall and winter get-togethers cozy with Belgian chocolate gifts that include our seasonal Candy Cane Crunch Sprites.

Beat The Heat with Frozen Brownies

Beat The Heat with Frozen Brownies

Ask 10 people how to beat the heat during the summer months and you might receive 10 different responses. Everyone has their own way to stay cool, whether it’s splashing in a body of water or chilling in an air-conditioned building. After all that summertime playing, at some point, you’re bound to get hungry.

Reach for something cold, reach for something tasty. Reach for Frozen Brownie Pops. Think Belgian chocolate brownies dipped in chocolate and decorated with your favorite toppings – frozen and on a stick! They’re easy to make and perfect for BBQs, surprise visitors, and anytime snacks. Topping suggestions are limited to your imagination.

Of course, you don’t have to create Brownie Pops to enjoy frozen brownies, cookies, or blondies. Fairytale treats taste great as is – right out of the freezer.

“Love, Love these brownies!! They are delicious! They stay great in the freezer and still taste just as fresh as the day they arrived!” – Maxie, from Tempe, AZ review

How Long Will My Treats Last

Good question! All our treats are individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Although sometimes they don’t last long enough to store, we do have guidelines. Upon arrival, they will remain fresh for up to 7 days on the counter, 30 days in the refrigerator, and 6 months in the freezer. Transit time IS accounted for.

“They are the perfect size, and you can even freeze them if you want to save them, and they are still amazing!! Usually, they don’t make it that long.” – Karyn from NY, review

Phoenix Heat & Brownies

From mid-May to the end of September, the temperatures are a bit toasty in Phoenix. But we haven’t been in the brownie business for 30+ years without learning how to ship our product safely during the summer months.

The average Phoenix temperature in July and August is 106°, and some days the thermometer might reach 112°  or more. To ensure your gift arrives at its destination safely, we only ship Monday – Wednesday standard delivery. Gifts are frozen and placed in special insulated packaging with a reusable Fairytale cold pack. The cold pack usually thaws in transit and sometimes the treats might arrive slightly warm. Don’t worry though, they are still safe to consume. Just pop the entire gift into the refrigerator or freezer for a bit and they will firm right up and be ready to enjoy.

Summer Just Got Cooler

While you’re waiting for those treats to thaw – it doesn’t take long – you might decide to create other summer desserts like a creamy milkshake, some brownie skewers, or a brownie ice cream sandwich using Fairytale Brownies. Learn how.

Try These Recipes

Check out our full list of brownie-inspired desserts and make them yourself. We’d love to see your creations! Tag us on social media @fairytalebrownies.

7 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

7 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

In charge of your company’s next trade show exhibit and want the process to run seamlessly – and successfully? Follow these tips and your experience should be a win.

1. Plan Ahead

First, you need to know why you’re exhibiting. Yes, you want to generate leads, but are you trying to increase brand awareness? Do you want to extend your network of associates and cultivate new vendor partnerships? Scope out the competition? Maybe your team will divide and conquer all these goals. Have a plan and stick with it.

Once you’ve committed to exhibiting at the show, follow all instructions provided by the host, the venue, and all third-party vendors involved. Understand what items are included in your booth,  what you need to purchase, and what you need to bring with you. Pay attention to every detail.

KNOW YOUR DEADLINES. Most shows offer discounts for early registration, lead retrieval, furniture purchase, hotels, etc. So, take advantage of money saving opportunities (and use the savings on possible marketing sponsorships).

2. Organize Your Booth

You want to attract visitors, so the booth needs to be professional and appealing. There are nice booth designs for every budget – keep it classy and within yours.

Decide what products you will showcase and how much you will bring. How will everything be displayed? Risers make good use of space and add interest to the table. Baskets and decorative containers are simple ways to separate products and keep items organized. Shelves are great, too.

Most companies exhibit in a 10’ x 10’ booth space. When you add a few salespeople, extra product, a chair or two, a trash can, and backpacks/briefcases/purses, the space can become a little “cozy.” Know where you will place everything so that the booth won’t look crowded or messy.

3. Presentation

Because the entire booth is a visual stimulus, everyone working in it should be dressed appropriately. Logoed clothing, same-color shirts, and business attire are all good options. Dressing cohesively, whether the same color or similar style, does make a difference. Discuss and plan with your booth mates.

Will you be sharing a video presentation? It must be short, engaging, and presented on a loop so the people in the booth don’t have to monitor it every few minutes. Trade shows can be loud at times so adding subtitles is a nice bonus for the viewer. They will see your message in text even if they can’t hear what is being said.

4. Attract Traffic

Be sure to contact your customers via email and social media before the show to let them know you will be exhibiting. Provide them with your booth number and any incentives you may have to draw them to visit you.

Should they show their email when they arrive at the booth to receive a special gift? Should they respond on social media to receive a discount on their next order? Will there be a show special they will only receive if they come to the booth? Make them want to visit you.

5. Giveaways

Another way to attract traffic to your booth is to give away swag related to your business. What do you give away? Use your imagination. There is a promotional product for every type of business, and branding options seem to be growing every day.

Sweet treats are always a hit with trade show attendees. Fairytale’s Custom Label Brownies & Cookies are perfect show giveaways. With your company logo (and maybe a short message) showcased on the label, your booth visitors will leave impressed.

Another giveaway option is to hand out bite-size Magic Morsels. Put them in baskets and hand out like candy to attendees, spread out on the booth table for visitors to take, or even use them as a prize for a game win or correct answer to a trivia question.

When Fairytale Brownies exhibits, we do give away swag (custom stickers, pens, keychains, etc.), but also sample bite-size Magic Morsel blondies and brownies.  Because they’re small and individually wrapped, attendees can snack on them at the booth or walk away with a business card, flyer or look book to sample them later. Many attendees choose to snack at the booth AND take some treats with them for later.

Raffling off a gift that includes a service or product you provide is another giveaway go-to.  Attendees can enter the old-fashioned way by dropping their business card into a jar, or you can set up digital entry with a QR code or link. A raffle also serves as another lead list for follow up after the show has ended.

6. Scan!

This should go without saying, but we’re including it any way. Use your badge scanner on everyone who comes to your booth. All visitors are potential leads. Type important notes for post-show follow-up.

7. Follow Up

You’ve met them, shared information, and provided samples. Don’t give those leads time to forget who you are. Send a thank you email to everyone who visited and follow it up with a phone call. Remember conversation details with your hottest leads and add them to the follow-ups for a more personal connection. You want these leads to know you remember them. And a great way for those hot leads to remember YOU is to thank them with a corporate gift they’ll love.

Fairytale Brownies has custom gifts for every budget and offers free samples and virtual photos to show how the gifts will look with your logo printed on the gift band, box, or tin. The recipients are surprised and delighted when the gifts arrive and will remember who sent them.

Earn Brownie Points

Whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show or following up with leads you recently met, a sweet treat from Fairytale Brownies will get the conversation started or close the deal.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Brownie Gifts for Every Stage of Motherhood

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Brownie Gifts for Every Stage of Motherhood

Thinking about sending a food gift to the moms in your life for Mother’s Day but are concerned that they might not appreciate it? Think again. Food is universal. Everyone eats. And Fairytale Brownies? Well, we bake brownies, blondies, and cookies in enough flavors and sizes to please moms at every stage in life. Here’s a handy Mother’s Day gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for every mom on your list at every every stage in motherhood.

Gifts For Expectant and New Moms

Chances are she’s experienced the baby shower and is equipped with all the accessories she could ever need to care for her baby. Now it’s time for some self-care. Draw her a warm bath, give her a pot of herbal tea, and leave her alone with her own box of Fairytale treats.

Gifts For Moms of Preschoolers

There is no “off” button or downtime during this stage of motherhood. Mom can’t fall asleep unless the children do, or else she might wake up to some “fun” surprises. But these moms are okay with this stage in life. From rereading their favorite book 50 times, to visiting the big “kitty” at the zoo every weekend, to countless playdates, these moms are focused on the little learners in their lives.

Although any size Mother’s Day gift will do for these moms, we suggest a combination gift like the Mother’s Day Sampler which includes a little bit of everything we bake: three sizes of brownies, soft and chewy cookies, and buttery blondies. If she prefers smaller portions, but still a variety, the Mother’s Day Morsel Combo 24 is for her. The gift includes a dozen bite-size brownies and a dozen bite-size blondies. Because they’re small and individually wrapped, they fit perfectly in a purse or backpack, ready to go wherever moms go.

Gifts For Moms of School-aged Kids

She. Is. Busy! Ballet, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, karate, chess. Sometimes these moms feel like they LIVE in their vehicles. Give this mom a large box of treats with blondies, snack-size brownies, and cookies, so she can enjoy her own favorites, and if she feels generous, she can share a few with her passengers while on the go.

Gifts For Moms of High Schoolers

Some observers consider them “saints.” The moms themselves feel they’ve gone insane. Between hormones raging, dating, learning to drive, and prepping for college, these parents not only desperately need chocolate, they deserve chocolate. Give them full-size brownies or snack-size Sprites. Magic Morsels won’t do unless you’re sending them a Giant Box.

Gifts For Empty Nest Moms

After the initial shock of having too much quiet time on their hands, empty nest moms rediscover themselves and maybe even acquire a hobby or two. Some empty nesters become grandmas at this stage and enjoy the perks of spoiling that couldn’t possibly be done as a parent. 😊

But the empty nester does miss seeing her little ones. Send her a sentimental photo gift – Upload her favorite picture from your childhood and we’ll deliver it on a box of brownies. Or send a combination of blondies and brownies. She can freeze some for when you visit and share all of your adventures with her.

Gifts For Moms With Special Diets

Although not a stage of motherhood, some moms have special dietary needs. Some moms are allergic to nuts. Others just don’t like them. We offer prepackaged No-Nut options as well as the option to choose favorite flavors in any of our gifts.

For those moms who prefer sugar-free, we bake Magic Morsels in two sugar-free brownie flavors: Original and Walnut. Any of our Morsel gifts can be purchased with sugar-free brownies.

Send Some Love

She loves you unconditionally. Why not indulge Mom with brownies, cookies, and blondies baked from scratch with all-natural ingredients and plenty of love?